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Played together with his little brother cute Nintendo games and gambled undercover Wolfenstein and Larry on the PC. But real nostalgic feelings only come up with the C64 and 8-bit consorts. Passion for everything that is cyberspaced, fun and fast.

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Website founder. Likes adventure and strategy games. Enjoys perfection, but cannot help finding the fly in the ointment. Has a weak spot for the obscure and loves the beauty of imperfection.

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Longtime contributor and verbose commentator. Loves Roleplaying Games, Adventures and Puzzle Games. Gets strangely nostalgic when he enters a DOS prompt, hears a Gameboy *ding* or sees horrible colour palettes. Always good for a second opinion on everything.

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I've had my first PC in the year of 1992. That was an IBM PS/1 (386 SX) with 20 MHz and 2 MB of RAM. I had played some adventure games on the Commodore 64 of a friend before: Murder on the Mississippi, Maniac Mansion and Zak McKracken. My first PC contained one of the greatest adventure games of all time: The Secret of Monkey Island. Ever since that time, I've been a fanatic fan and collector of adventure games.

Review Highlight: Legend of Kyrandia 3 - Malcolm's Revenge

Malcolm, the evil court jester, who had been defeated in the first part of the Kyrandia trilogy, is freed from his stony prison by lightning and he plans to take revenge on Kyrandia's inhabitants. Malcolm's journey takes him to the mysterious island of cats, into limbo (the world between life and death, which is also the realm of the fish), to hell and back to the world of the living. Though when he returns back to the island of Kyrandia, everything has changed. Can Malcolm save the inhabitants of his home country, clear his name and finally take his well-earned nap?

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Wild Cup Soccer is the lesser known sequel to the surprise hit Brutal Sports Football. It is good that it is lesser known, because it is also clearly the lesser game.

Mr Creosote



Invasion of Taiwan? Oops, too real? Europa Universalis II took me some time to get on here. Not easy to collect my thoughts in spite of knowing it inside out. Have been playing it for a good 20 years by now, after all. Quite intensely, too. And I have no intent of stopping.

Mr Creosote



Yup, it was easy to get young guys to buy a game in the mid 1990s. Just put the face (and body) of a semi-known, attractive female actress on and in it. Luckily The Daedalus Encounter wasn't horrible.

Mr Creosote



Yup, some urgency, indeed. A huge army of undead warriors is being assembled nearby, by a powerful mage. His devious plan being… to rule one small city. Uh… a bit of an anticlimax, isn't it? Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon is the pinnacle of the trilogy. Nevertheless, not everything in it has aged all that gracefully.

Mr Creosote



There is a little bit of a hint in that intro picture already. Your typical suggested AD&D party, consisting of a burly human fighter, a stocky dwarf, a mage and a cleric. Not the worst of choices when tackling Eye of the Beholder. Don't be disappointed if the game is not exactly as you remember it to be…

Mr Creosote



Once again, Mario and Luigi go on a mushroom trip. They even find a nice hotel to sleep it off. If only their sleep went undisturbed, but no – those monsters keep opening those doors! Hotel Mario is a rather nice game which you may have heard about, but likely never played yourself. Give it a go and make up your own mind!

Mr Creosote


Another victory for the vikings! Earned with a lot of bloodshed, as normal in Brutal Sports Football. Don't worry, though. They are only androids. Aren't they? I'm sure they are. And this makes it all much more tolerable, doesn't it?

Mr Creosote



Woohoo, James Pond, the hero of Amiga's best jump'n'run is back! This is going to be great. It must be. It will be. Come on, don't disappoint me, pretty please?

Mr Creosote



The early/mid 1990s with their butt ugly render graphics… Fortunately, the in-game graphics of Walker are much more pleasant. It is a rather unique one for sure. After all, how many right-to-left shooters do you know?

Mr Creosote



Just having returned from our trip to Sherwood Forest, beranmuden and I share our account of the journey. The nice sights as well as the usual complaints about trains running late, ants invading the picnic site etc. The Adventures of Robin Hood are all about good companionship.



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