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...that we're trying to collect every floppy disk image of every game ever released for IBM PC? For that, we need your help - or the games might be lost forever!
So what is this site? To put it in the most simple way imaginable: It's a site about digital games. Not about the latest gaming news, but about the games themselves, and - as you've already surmised from the site's name - specializing in what's usually considered 'classic' these days. Of course, definitions of 'classic' differ widely. However, if you browse around a little, you'll find us covering pretty much everything (with varying intensity) from the earliest home systems (late 1970s) to the end of the last millenium.


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I'm glad some games were made before I was born, cause most of them were released when gaming business as such was still at its infancy and there were lots of weird experiments lacking either graphics or fine concept to tickle your fancy. Lazy Jones pretty much lacks both, but still qualifies for the Game Challenge.


LostInSpace joins the game challenge, providing an in-depth review of Neuromancer – the adaption of one of the most influential novels of the last decades. Welcome!
Mr Creosote


Here is my next entry to the game challenge: Taz-Mania would have filled more than one possible slot, but finally, I decided for the Australian one – because it's the hardest one to fill, I believe.
Mr Creosote


Imagine if Larry Laffer was really successful with chicks. What kind of game would that be? I think it would be something like Cobra Mission: Panic in Cobra City. This is my next move for Game Challenge, and this time I shall take you into the lustful world of lewd detectives and seductive women which are now sure victims of your sexual fancy.

I have to say, I owe thanks to this project and the entire TGOD, cause this is one more game I never finished in the past, and you guys help me correct this. If not for you I would've never seen the rest of it.


Bhuuesco marana! Ygolonac save us! Insanity draws nearer…

Luckily, the stairs are close. Phew… Just in time! Whether you like this sort of game or not, it can't be denied that Infra Arcana will keep you on your toes at all times. So it definitely achieves what it attempts to do. Also, there are no elves in it, which is definitely a plus ;)


Bjt doesn't waste his time in vain and keeps up the good work. Only now he apparently switched from FPS to Adventure genre and presents us with a second look on The Dig, admittedly one of the celebrated LucasArts classics, but somehow unacknowledged by me personally. Let's take a closer look at it, shall we...


It's time I pay a tribute to one of my best-loved Sierra classics. Here is my take on the original initial release of Quest for Glory - Hero's Quest: So You Want To Be A Hero. And which version did you like more?


Klessi again, this time presenting a really obscure game which outside of its native Poland was very likely only released in compilations (if at all). Victory seems to be worth the effort of tracking a copy down, however!

With games such as this one, we lately have a good mix balancing more popular titles (like certain shooters still fairly high up in the news), which people may want to read about in a reminiscing way, and learning about previously unknown stuff.


Klessi's debut covers not quite a flight sim, but still belongs to the still severely under-represented simulation genre. Silent Hunter plants itself firmly in the second most popular sub-genre – the submarine sim. Sub, sub, sub, sub…


FPS time now and dracolich is giving us a 3rd review on Duke Nukem 3D. It's funny how he thinks killing poor alien troopers in a variety of graphic and brutal ways is more appropriate for children than harmless dancing strippers and some "adult" ads on the walls which hardly give out any detail anyway. Oh well... Danny, come home quick! Time to fry some alien ass! Oh, and don't let me catch you staring at girls again!

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