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» The Good Old Days - Comics - Interpart - #5


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Plot: Die Zeitfalle: Orko tries to impress Adam with his magic, but fails miserably, of course. Meanwhile, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn capture the Sorceress, and the evil witch disguises herself as Zoar, the Sorceress' alter ego. When He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Teela, Ram-Man, Stratos, Fisto and Buzz-Off arrive at Castle Grayskull, they're surprised not to be greeted by the Sorceress immediately, but they enter anyway. He-Man goes straight to the Hall of Stones (as introduced in the previous issue) where the fake Zoar is waiting for him. In Skeletor's dungeon, it is revealed to the real Sorceress that Zodac is part of the evil plan as well. The three evil ones want to share the power, but apparantely, they're still suspicious of each other's motives. Evil-Lyn commands He-Man to move one of the time stones. When he does, he's sucked into temporal void. His screams alert his friends, but Evil-Lyn, now back to her own appearance, can tap into the castle's energies, easily defending herself against the heroes. He-Man arrives in a strange land, directly in front of a crystal shrine. Here, he meets the guard of time who instructs He-Man to move yet another stone to undo the damage to the time stream he has done under Evil-Lyns influence. Meanwhile, the latter has managed to use the power of the stones again to defeat the heroes completely. However, as He-Man uses all his strength, he moves the second, huge stone, and he appears in Castle Grayskull again. With the help of his Power Sword, he defeats Evil-Lyn, the power flows back to the Sorceress, and the other heroes are freed from time prison.
Kampf um Burg Drachenstein: Buzz-Off and Stratos discover Snake Mountain by pure chance. The heroes decide this is a chance to end the war against Skeletor forever. They transport Man-at-Arms' new disintegrator to the place and fire. Strangely enough, the beam seems to pass right through Skeletor's hideout. A projection of Skeletor's torso appears, telling them that this Snake Mountain was only an illusion which he set up to find out about the capabilities of the Masters' new weapon. The disintegrator has cut right through a mountain...
Comments: Interesting way to expand the idea set up in the short story of the previous issue. Again, the final solution is a little easy, unfortunately. The twist of Skeletor having the last laugh in the shorter story certainly is nice. That's something rarely seen, but all the more appreciated. However, how exactly is the disintegrator now useless to the heroes, as Ram-Man remarks? It's still quite a potent weapon, and if they now manage to find the real Snake Mountain...