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» The Good Old Days - Comics - Interpart - #7


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Plot: Das Geheimnis von World Oak: A huge tree grows from the ground in front of Castle Grayskull, draining the energy from the Wind Raider which happens to be passing by and thus making it crash. All of the Eternian public transport suddenly suffers from a energy loss. The king sends his army to destroy the tree, but the energy weapons' impact only seem to make it stronger. Even He-Man is baffled, but fortunately, Mekaneck has an explanation: It's the World Oak, the tree of life. The Masters want to find out why this 'good' entity suddenly poses such a threat and they decide to enter the tree. The tree's voice welcomes them warmly while outside, an energy storm chases the army away and also attacks the capital. The heroes are attacked by Kobra Khan and Clawful. Skeletor makes an appearance as well, explaining that he's using World Oak to drain Eternia's energy and transform them into negative energy. He gives his enemies a taste if this energy using a new cannon on his Roton. The Power Sword is able to break the energy barrier surrounding the heroes, though, and the evil cronies run away.
Der Gigant mit den drei Gesichtern: Chilling outside Castle Grayskull, He-Man and the Sorceress hear Man-E-Faces' voice crying for help. Through a magical portal, He-Man joins his friend who is in the company of a brutal insectoid monster. He asks He-Man not to harm the monster, but when it threatens to kill Man-E-Faces, He-Man strikes it down with the Power Sword anyway. In a flash of light, Man-E-Faces is transformed into his monstrous self, and a giant robot enters, attacking He-Man immediately. Being smashed by the Power Sword, it, too, disappears and Man-E-Faces changes into his robot identity. He heroes are called back by the Sorceress - the merging of Man-E-Faces' characters is complete again.
Comments: Very strangely looking Roton in the first story (but great to see some sort of civilian life for a change), and a very good backup story which doesn't really answer the questions about Man-E-Faces' origin, but then again, this might be for the better.