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Whose Enemy Am I Anyway?

Plot: One of the best, I've encountered! The Evil Horde invades Eternia with a huge army which comes from Etheria through a star gate. Clamp Champ and Rio Blast destroy the machine which is generating the gate. Suddenly, everything's soaked into the gate! Hordak and He-Man fall through it and they land on an unknown planet. Both suffer from amnesia, so they decide to work together (they don't know that they're enemies!). Arriving in a town, the inhabitants insult Hordak and shut the doors in front of him. Then suddenly the earth shakes and Hordak saves a little boy. The city's prince arrives and accuses He-Man and Hordak to be members of the Horde (Hordak is wearing the sign on his chest...) which ruled the land some time ago. He-Man is chained while Hordak has to fight a giant two-headed monster in an arena. He wins and frees He-Man, but the prince sends his guards to capture them again. When they're just about to attack, Man-at-Arms, Teela and Orko arrive in a space ship and He-Man regains his memory. A horde ship with Shadow Weaver and Catra joins them. Even though the 'new' Hordak doesn't want it, Shadow Weaver restores his memory. Now he says, he's too old to change his ways. Both ships fly away, Hordak fires the cannons, but he misses on purpose!
Comments: Finally some depth for Hordak! In my view, he comes across much more sympathatic than all the 'good' guys! Rio Blast and Clamp Champ are posessed by fighting - can they be role models this way? He-Man is very arrogant ("I seem to KNOW I've always used my powers for GOOD!"). The Prince judges people because of their clothing and he doesn't even play by his own rules (Hordak won the fight - nevertheless, the prince still wanted to kill him AND He-Man!). But Hordak shows that he can change! He's not a bad guy by nature, but by his company! And the ending makes you think whether Hordak is really the boss or if he's just one of Shadow Weaver's puppets...