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Plot: Skeletor has conquered Eternia and imprisoned the Sorceress with the help of a Cosmic Key which lets everyone travel through space and time freely. He-Man, Man-at-Arms and Teela free its inventor, the dwarf Gwildor from Skeletor's troops. He has got another key. They good team uses a secret passage into Castle Greyskull. As they're trying to free the Sorceress, Skeletor and his guards appear. Gwildor helps them escape through a portal created by the Cosmic Key. The good guys land on Earth, but the key is nowhere to be found. On the cemetry, the teenagers Julie and her boyfriend Kevin find it. It makes musical sounds, so Kevin takes it for a synthesizer. They take the key to the school where Kevin's band is supposed to play the next day. Skeletor picks up the key's signal and sends Karg, Blade, Saurod and Beast Man to get it back. All the evil scouts find is Julie though because Kevin has taken the key away already. He-Man appears in the right moment and saves Julie. The school has been completely trashed though. Kevin is taken to Julie's house by Detective Lubic, he activates the key and thinks it is stolen, so he takes it with him. Immediately, the evil ones appear and force the information where the key is out of Kevin: Lubic has taken it to Charlie's Music store. The good guys arrive there first, but they're attacked by the evil forces, this time led by Evil-Lyn. The evil witch pretends to be Julie's dead mother to get the key and it works. But when Skeletor arrives with a huge army, He-Man has taken the key again. The few heroes don't stand a chance against the whole evil army. Skeletor crushes the key and goes back to Eternia with his army, leaving the helpless heroes behind. Gwildor, with the help of Kevin's ability to remember tunes, can repair the key and the heroes appear back in the middle of Castle Greyskull. Skeletor and He-Man meet on top of the castle for the final battle. With a trick, Skeletor gains the upper hand, but Evil-Lyn pushes him off the roof. The good forces have won.
Comments: Does anyone like this live-action movie? No. So can the comic version be good? No. Ok, that should be settled. Despite that, the comic actually makes a bit more sense than the movie itself. The characters look like themselves (save for Beast Man), some of the futile traveling between Earth and Eternia has been scrapped, and last but not least, the scenes don't look that stupid as in the movie! But all that can't help the confusing story and the uninteresting new characters. Especially Gwildor is nothing but an annoying Orko-clone. The ending (The first Eternians were US-American astronauts from the future? Come on!) is as cheesy as it can get (Oh, what a surprise - Julie's parents are alive again!). One single interesting moment remains: It's Evil-Lyn who makes Skeletor fall - unfortunately, we don't get to know anything about her motives.