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» The Good Old Days - Comics - UK - #3


Plot: Orko The Magician: Cringer complains about his bowl being filled with water. Orko tries to change it to milk with his magic, but the result is stale.
Man-at-Arms: Traitor!: Trap-Jaw assaults Adam and Man-at-Arms and uses Evil-Lyn's Hypno Gas on the master of weapons. Duncan is now magically obedient to Skeletor and the two evil ones escape. The Master of Evil orders his new servant to invent a weapon to storm Castle Grayskull together with his own new weapon. The good guys are still thinking about what to do when the attack is already on. Man-at-Arms has built a ground-base energy beam which fires at the castle. Skeletor's invention is the Sun-Fire a flying energy cannon. When the latter is in position, Man-at-Arms' one sinks into the swamp it is standing on and destroys the Sun-Fire. The attack has been repulsed. Man-at-Arms has never been under Skeletor's spell, he just pretended to be to find out about his new weapon.
Jewel of Fire: A fisherman finds a map on the shore pointing to the place the legendary Jewel of Fire is hidden. Tri-Klops sees and memorizes the map. The finder brings it to the royal palace. Now both fractions know about the secret hidden place. Skeletor is ahead. He places several traps on the way, but somehow the good guys manage to reach their destination: some caves. There, they confront Skeletor, but the Lord of Destruction already has the jewel. He-Man knows a bit more about this legend though and he fulfills the prophecy that the jewel is supposed to return to Castle Grayskull using the magic of his sword.
Undersea Attack: Mer-Man notices a sea-quake. From a fish he gets to know about an interesting effect: an underwater passage leading directly into a pond in the royal passage has been opened. To impress Skeletor even more, Mer-Man takes Prince Adam prisoner. Helplessly imprisoned in a wooden cage the prince has to watch Skeletor's plan coming to life: A giant submarine is being built to invade the palace. Using the power of the sun reflected in his ring, he can escape though, recapture his sword, change into He-Man unnoticed and beat all the bad guys up. The underwater passage is closed again.
Comments: In the first story there are some drawings which have directly been stolen from the DC comics - just coloured in a worse way, the pencilling is identical. I wonder if this was approved..... well, I guess so.


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