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» The Good Old Days - Comics - Interpart - #1


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Plot: Das Ende der Welt: Skeletor has magically taken control of 'Antiwelt' (anti world), a planet flying through space which has already destroyed a lot of other planets by crashing into them. Its surface is populated by horrible monsters which should help the Lord of Destruction to defeat the Masters of the Universe. The approaching danger alerts the Sorceress who sends a message to Adam. At Castle Grayskull, she shows He-Man pictures of the coming catastrophe. He-Man, Man-at-Arms and Battle Cat take the Wind Raider to fly to the rogue planet. They're hoping to divert it to a different course. Even on the surrounding asteroids, they already meet giant monsters which they can hardly overcome. At the same time on Eternia, Mer-Man and Zodac are fearing Eternias destruction, too. They attack Skeletor directly in his stronghold Snake Mountain. In the heat of the brawl, Trap Jaw falls directly into the magic table Skeletor used to control the course of the planet. Now, no alteration is possible anymore. The destruction is already beginning when He-Man and Man-at-Arms finally learn the true secret of the world: Its inhabitants are peaceful magicians who have sent all evil to the world's outer surface. That way, they lived in a paradise, but were oblivious to everything going on on the outside. Informed by He-Man, they make up for the damage done.
Der Tag der zürnenden Schädel: Skeletor resurrects an army of skeletons to life. They have the ability to reconstruct themselves after being destroyed, making them pretty much undefeatable. He-Man recognizes that he can only win if he goes to their centre of power. Destroying the graves, the evil magic fades.
Comments: The first issue sets a high level already. The apocalyptic story is great and especially the characterizations of Mer-Man and Zodac and spot-on. Lots of action-packed fights do the rest.