Marble Madness (298)

System: PC
Company: Electronic Arts
Year: 1984
Genre: Puzzle, Action
Theme: Abstract
Language: English
Licence: Commercial

Marble Madness (ID: 298)

2 x Booter (400kB)
Raw (.IMG)
SHA1 Hashes:

e68e7c0e2c7d55a5fdcf96fa41d52a6de7ee73a8  disk1.img
7f9678cc4e50e824b463cb0d9cfa66710848dfc1  disk2.img
Added: 2012-03-25
Edited: 2020-04-20

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Spiced (2008-11-23):
I heard about this title by reading about Ballance. Never tried it...:embarassed:
Mr Creosote (2008-08-27):
Only working if you have a Competition Pro - like joystick. If the stick has some sort of 'profile' (to match the hand), this'll become even more inconvenient ;)
Tuss (2008-08-27):
Solution for isometric joystick problem, spin the joystick 45 degrees!
Mr Creosote (2007-09-18):
Heh - I was actually wondering how long it'd take for someone to mention MAME. Not even four hours, not bad. You see, reviews don't always have to tell the whole truth, they just have to sound good, and so I bent facts a little to get a fitting figure of speech to end with ;)
Guestt (2007-09-18):
I don't have an arcade cabinet standing in my living room but THAT doesn't keep me from playing the original. ;) Thx emulation!
Mr Creosote (2007-09-18):
Marble Madness was one of the first games on the new and fresh Amiga system. And what a way to get a system started! Although the game was also released for pretty much every other system out there at the time, it was the Amiga version which outshone them all. Closest to the original arcade machine (and even with the two player feature), it showed off the new computer's technical capabilities perfectly. A killer application, especially considering the direct competitor, the Atari ST, only had a greatly inferior port.