The Oregon Trail (3401)

System: PC
Company: MECC
Year: 1988
Genre: Strategy, Adventure
Theme: Educational / Western
Language: English
Licence: Commercial

The Oregon Trail (ID: 3401)

4 x 3.5" HD (1440kB)
Raw (.IMG)
v4.53w (Win 3.x)
SHA1 Hashes:

696a3e5a33d0f30b6b70e19216eff4bafa3c53a2  disk1.img
fd36d28f03b6850aa68da7d265a7797b4847552a  disk2.img
e904a241a3c53b85407d947b2c3d4ee440621823  disk3.img
cc0b503f63c515902d1d2dec80393a5faafff690  disk4.img
Added: 2019-12-02
Edited: 2020-04-20

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Wandrell (2009-03-17):
To show I'm always right: here is Windows 3.2. Ok, I found it on a quick search and probably is just bogus or a mistake or any silly thing, but now I've become chinese just to keep on the side of rightenousness.
Mr Creosote (2009-03-17):
Wow, Windows 3.2? You've got a real rarity on your hands there - I don't think even Microsoft has got that :D
Wandrell (2009-03-17):
I must say that it's better than the remake for Windows 3.2 (I can't find an ISO for it, by the way, just the CD content zipped). There the travel is really slow. I don't know of they wnated to make each section of the travel proportional to what it really takes, but reaching any place can take a painfully long time.
Mr Creosote (2009-03-17):

You'll burn in hell for this heretic review! After all, this is officially one of the greatest games of the whole decade!

On a serious note, I do like the fact that you can't just kill a whole herd and live off it for the rest of the journey. An important lesson about overhunting which doesn't detract from the fun of the hunting sequence at all.