Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows (deadfellows-sol.txt)

Murder Makes Strange Deadfellows
Walkthrough by Mr Creosote

Solving the game is just a matter of guessing two correct answers. Here's
where you have to go to get the information you need to actually understand
what's going on (to get as much out of the story as possible, watch all the
clips of all rooms by playing the game several times):

 1. Gallery
 2. Professor
 3. Green Room
 4. Professor
 5. Blue Room
 6. Professor
 7. Drawing Room
 8. Professor
 9. Kitchen
10. Professor
11. Wine Cellar
12. Professor
13. Dining Room
14. Professor
15. Dining Room
16. Professor
17. Wine Cellar
18. Professor
19. Red Room
20. Professor
21. Gallery
22. Professor
23. Kitchen
24. Professor
25. Green Room
26. Professor
27. Trophy Room
28. Choose Grimsby (the butler)
29. Choose Lenny Vole (the drunk guy)

If you're REALLY impatient, you can also use the ultra-short express route
through the game (don't expect to enjoy it, though):

 1. Choose Randolph's portrait (Solve)
 2. Choose Grimsby
 3. Choose Lenny Vole