Telengard (telengard-manual.txt)

Telengard - improvised manual

- by Elwood

1. Commands

Arrow keys to move around
F - Fight
C - Cast
S - Stay
E - Evade
P - Replot
Q - Quit
H - Help
F1 - Use Scroll of Rescue
F2 - Use Potion of Healing
F3 - Use Potion of Strength
F4 - Save Character

2. Spells

Each spell costs spell points equal to its level.

Spell |   Exp.level
Level | needed to use
  1   |        1
  2   |        3
  3   |        6
  4   |        9
  5   |       12
  6   |       15

Level 1
 1 - Magic Missile (C)
 2 - Sleep (C)
 3 - Cure Light Wounds
 4 - Light
 5 - Turn Undead (C)
 6 - Protection from Evil (C)

Level 2
 1 - Web (C)
 2 - Levitate
 3 - Cause Light Wounds (C)
 4 - Detect Traps
 5 - Charm (C)
 6 - Strength

Level 3
 1 - Lightning Bolt (C)
 2 - Cure Serious Wounds
 3 - Continual Light
 4 - Invisibility
 5 - Hold Monster (C)
 6 - Phantasmal Force (C)

Level 4
 1 - Pass Wall
 2 - Fireball (C)
 3 - Cause Serious Wounds (C)
 4 - Flesh to Stone (C)
 5 - Fear
 6 - Finger of Death (C)

Level 5
 1 - Teleport
 2 - Astral Walk
 3 - Power Word Kill (C)
 4 - Ice Storm (C)
 5 - Wall of Fire (C)
 6 - Plague (C)

Level 6
 1 - Time Stop
 2 - Raise Dead
 3 - Holy Symbol (C)
 4 - Word of Recall
 5 - Restoration
 6 - Prismatic Wall (C)

(C) = Combat Spell - can be used in combat only

3. Experience Points

 Exp.  | Exp.Points
Points |   needed
   1   |        0
   2   |     2000
   3   |     4000
   4   |     8000
   5   |    16000
   6   |    32000
   7   |    64000
   8   |   128000
   9   |   256000
  10   |   512000

...etc. - it's always twice the number of exp. points needed to attain the
last level

4. Monsters

The monsters of Telengard are many and varied. All monsters, like the characters
trespass for their hides, have experience level ratings. Like a character's
the higher the number the more powerful it is. There are two very distinct types
monsters in Telengard: Undead and Living. 

Undead monsters are vile creatures that have managed to live past their
appointed hour
of death due to some foul curse. They have no heartbeat, no breath; they do not
and cannot usually be charmed. You will no doubt find that they have not lost
appetite however! Undead monsters have a (U) after their name in the monster

Living monsters are normal creatures that eat, sleep, drink and dance upon dead
bodies. Living monsters have a (L) after their name in the monster listings. 

	1) Gnoll (L)
	   A sawed-off freak, not too tough but nasty nonetheless. Lowlife of the

	2) Kobold (L)
	   A close relative of the Gnoll, fond of pricking unwary adventurers with
	   cranial horn. Like a Gnoll they like to hamstring you and slit your throat

	3) Skeleton (U)
	   Your basic rampaging bag of bones. No brains but will attack relentlessly

	4) Hobbit (L)
	   Not the nice type you're used to, this nimble little creature is
definitely not
	   to be trusted. He'd sooner make off with a magical item than have a

	5) Zombie (U)
	   A newly-risen corpse, slightly cannier than a skeleton only because
it's not
	   completely rotted out.

	6) Orc (L)
	   Sly, foul-smelling and not too nice. Orcs have taken a liking to munching
	   unwary travellers.

	7) Fighter (L)
	   A competent mercenary out to make his fortune by dispatching you as quickly
	   possible and stealing your gold and valuables.

	8) Mummy (U)
	   A bandage-wrapped monster fresh from the crypt. More deadly than a zombie
due to
	   its more preserved state.

	9) Elf (L)
	   A nimble and cunning threat. Elves fight well when forced to and are skilled
	   thieving as well.

       10) Ghoul (U)
	   A creature with a rather tainted reputation for feasting upon corpses and
	   graves for meat. Beware - its touch can paralyze!

       11) Dwarf (L)
	   A brawny, tunnel-dwelling creature that feels right at home in TELENGARD.
	   at using an axe to lop off heads; also known to pick pockets.

       12) Troll (L)
	   A nine-foot tall, loathsome man-eating brute you'd do best avoid

       13) Wraith (U)
	   The undead spirit of a dead warrior out for revenge. Wraiths have been known
to take
	   away Experience Points, draining a character's level.

       14) Ogre (L)
	   A stocky, ill-tempered eight-foot hairy cousin of the giant. A vicious
opponent that
	   never gives mercy.

       15) Minotaur (L)
	   An ugly result of cross-breeding between an Ogre and a large bull. Their
breath alone
	   can kill small dogs and feeble adventurers.

       16) Giant (L)
	   A grotesquely overgrown humanoid. Fond of fighting with a club or small
tree. The
	   Giants of TELENGARD are no pushover.

       17) Specter (U)
	   Spirit of an ancient warrior king long dead. Like a Wraith, the Specter can
drain a
	   character's Experience Level. Beware!

       18) Vampire (U)
	   The most hideous and distasteful of the "Undead". It's touch
can paralyze and its bite
	   can drain a character's blood as well as his Level.

       19) Demon (L)
	   A foul beast summoned from the nether plains. Demons are armed with a deadly
whip and a
	   flaming sword. The sword's dangerous, but the whip's worse!

       20) Dragon (L)
	   King of the nasties. Dragons like to barbeque young warriors with a small
gust of their
	   disagreeable breath. A good beginner's tip is "Never fight a