Rock'n Roll (rocknroll-manual.txt)

                                 Rock'n Roll

Typed in by CRISTINA. Edited by PARASITE.

Shopping Tips :
  To buy an extra you must simply roll the ball over the appropriate symbol.
  The price is shown to the right of the symbol.The money will be booked
  from your accound and the shop will than close. If you haven't got enough
  money to pay for the extra, there is an alternative. It is possible to pay
  with energy. To make such a risky deal the ball needs to remain on the
  symbol for few seconds. Only than will such an errangement be accepted
  (providing you have enough energy).

Speed Up :
  The right tip for all high-speed freaks. Whoever shops here will armour
  their ball with effective additional power. Up to four of these 'Speed-
  Ups's' can be used simultaneously. Unfortu-nately this speed-thrill
  mains for only 90 seconds, after which the ball will change down a grear.

Armor :
  High-Tech makes it possible ! If you go for this extra your ball will be
  wrapped in a tough, protecting shell for a short period of time. Although
  the ball cannot penetrate the normal barriers, fragile ones are longer
  problematic obstacles.

Repair-Set :
  Unfortunately some of the tracks may be interrupted. This is where the re-  
  pair-sets come in useful with which you can build a new path. You should
  use these repair-sets sparingly as there are seldom more sets then are ab-
  solutely necessary ....... !

Parachute :
  Despite the fact that parachuting may not be your favorite passtime, you
  will soon learn to value them very much ! They can be your last hope when
  you roll off of the path inyo the precipice. If you react fast enough and
  open the parachute before the ball hits the ground, you will once agein
  have saved a life.

Continue :
  If you should be lucky enough to come across one of these shops, don't
  stop to think. If you possess one of these powerful extras, you are able
  to continue playing in the level where you lost your last ball. Is that
  an pffer ????

Bombs :
  Bombs: Warning ! Explosives ! These bombs tend to be quite dangerous but
  very effective. It's never a bad thing to have one or more of these in
  your pack.But don't hang around too long in the explosive area - that
  could be painful.... !

Spikes :
  It's no secret that control is difficult on an icy surface. Spikes with
  which it is possible to equip your ball for a short time, naturally make
  stopping easier. The question remains, through, can you buy something more
  important with your money ??

?????? :
  Hummmmm. we didn't really want to give anything away about that. We will
  just say enough for you to know that it's always worth popping into this
  shop. Information which will make life easier will be given in return for
  an admittedly high price.

Game Elements :

Keys & Doors :
  Restricting doors can be opened with the appropriate keys (distinguished
  by colour). You need only roll against the door-the door will be opened if
  the correct key is handly.

Diamonds :
  The players eyes widen in delight. These diamonds will be collected in
  your account. A red diamond is worth 300 bonus points, a yellow diamond
  is worth 700 poits, a green diamond is worth 1500 bonus points and a blue
  diamond is worth 4000 bonus points.

Ice :
  Without spikes you must be extremly careful - onice you'll be slipping
  over the place. Slow down !

Fragile Platforms :
  Not all platforms are plaesant. It is only possible to roll over these
  fragileplatforms 1,2 or 3 times, depending on how strong they are, after
  which they disappear. Therefore think carefully about where you roll !

Eggs :
  If you roll the ball over these eggs, you will, of course, squash them.
  It seems at first sight as though there is no adventage in this, but who
  knows... Pleasant Surprises rarely come at the wrong time.

Eyes :
  The more eyes thet are collected, the more of the level map you will be
  able to see.For technical reason this element is not available on the C64.

Fragile Barriers :
  Unlike the fragile barriers are not unpleasant. Armored balls can ram ob-
  stacles awy and free a new path - who knows, perhaps you'll build a
  cut.... !

Small Balls :
  These small ball are defintitely not simple obstacles. A new platform will
  always apear in the area where they are pushed over the edge into the pre-
  cipice. This is a safe ,although somewhat strange way to build a new

Acid :
  Acid also has unpleasant effects on your ball.Energy-loss will result.

Bombs :
  Do not make the mistake of thinking that bombs can be exploded anywhere.
  That would be much too easy. Bombs can only be ignited on special, rein-
  forced platforms. The areas which are left after the bomb has exploded
  are not necessarily precipices. The result will be different from level
  to level.

Tubes :
  The tubes are favoured means of transport. If you roll in one side, you
  will automatically come out at the other side.

Teleports :
  The telepoter is for urgent cases. Practically without time-loss you will
  be transported to another area.

Explosions :
  You should wait for exactly the right moment to get past these obstacles.
  If you fail, you will lose energy.

Switches :
  The switchers are a devilish affair. Nobody knows the exact effect of
  each individual switch - this varies from level to level and from switch
  to switch.

Ventilators :
  In some areas a harsh wind blows. Ths tends to be due to ventilators which
  can cause gusty and uneven gales.

Magnets :
  In contrast to the ventilators which blow your ball away from them, mag-
  nets pull the ball towards them. Absolute concentration is needed to con-
  quer them.

Money :
  You will also come across problems with Rock'n Roll if you do not possess
  the appropirate change. 100, 300 or 500 coins will be credited to your
  account when you collect the respective symbols.

Arrows :
  Unpleasant are these arrows. Your ball cannot resist their influence. It
  will automaically be pushed in the direction of the arrows. Skillful
  players can perhaps pvercome the power of one or two arrows which happen
  to be pointing in the wrong direction.