D/Generation (dgen.txt)


1. Insert disk 1 into your Amiga

2. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Your joystick is automatically calibrated when the game starts.  If your 
joystick behaves strangely, you can recalibrate it by releasing the joystick
and pressing CTRL-J.  If you are still having problems, adjust the joystick`s 
time controls and press CTRL-J again.

Push the joystick in the direction on screen that you wish to go.  For example,
push the joystick UP to move the character up screen, or push the joystick
DIAGONALLY to move diagonally on screen.  You can move the character in any of 
8 directions using the joystick.  You can open and close doors by bumping into
the long side of the `triangular yellow wall switches`.  You can also shoot 
doors, but you need to find a gun first.  To fire your laser gun, press either
joystick button.  From then on, this will be your laser button.  To throw
grenades, press the other joystick button.

If you don`t have a joystick, you can do the following:

Use numeric keypad to move.
(Example, press 7 to move diagonally.)

Press SPACEBAR to fire the laser.

Press T to throw grenades.

If you fid the keyboard controls difficult, press ALT-K for the alternative
control mode.  This will rotate the movement key effects by 45 degrees.
Pressing 9 on the numeric keypad causes the player to walk directly towards the
top of the screen.

You can also use the following special keys:

ESC           -  Freezes the game, and continues it.

ENTER         -  Talk to a survivor.

S             -  Displays your status.

U             -  View and select weapons you can use, if any.

CTRL-A        -  Aborts the scene when you are trapped and takes away a life.
                 Restarts play from where you last entered the room.

CTRL-J        -  Recalibrates your joystick.  Be sure that your joystick is in
                 its centre, released position.

CTRL-K        -  Toggle keyboard only mode on and off.

CTRL-Q        -  Exit D/Generation.

CTRL-R        -  Restores previously saved game.

CTRL-S        -  Toggles sound on or off.

CTRL-X        -  Swap joystick axes.

ALT-K         -  Toggle alternative control key mode on and off.

ALT-R         -  Restarts play from the beginning of the level.

ALT-S         -  Saves game.

Alone with your jetpack, you have flown from Finland across the Urals and the
entire length of Asia to deliver a package to Genoq Biolabs in Singapore.  You
land on the building`s 80th floor setback, finding nobody there to greet you.
When you enter the building, the main door snaps shut behind you, and you
narrowly escape being killed by the building`s security system.

You find the receptionist hiding behind her desk.  She tells you that Genoq`s
head scientist, Derrida, has been demanding the package you`re carrying.  His
last panicked message came over an hour ago.  This package is more important
than you could have thought.

You realize that there is only one course of action, that you `must` bring the
package to Derrida, and, if at all possible, rescue any survivors you find
along the way.

You enter on the 80th floor, and work your way to Derrida`s lab on the 90th

Your first problem is to find a weapon.  Or you`ll die fast!  Look for a laser
pulse-gun, a weapon that firs short, intense bursts of energy.  It is intended
as an offensive weapon, but you`ll find other uses for it.  You fire the laser
by pressing SPACEBAR or a joystick button (which thereafter becomes the laser
button).  Grenades, which you`ll find later on, are far more destructive than
the laser.  They are designed to destroy very robust targets.  You throw 
grenades by pressing T or the other joystick button.

Press U to see how many, if any, of the following weapons you have:

Bomb             -  Blows up stuff

Clock            -  Slows down time for everything and everyone but you.

Shield           -  Protects you from everything.  If a tracker hits you, the 
                    shield is destroyed but you don`t die.

Plasma Barrier   -  Form a plasma barrier that bounces off the walls.  But stay
                    out of its way!

Security Package -  For Derrida`s eyes only.

To select an available weapon, press <- and -> to highlight, then press

The Neogens are extremely dangerous, genetically engineered organisms.  They
have spread through the building using the ventilation system, and they are
attacking anything human in sight.  The four generations were designed over a
period of years and have become increasingly sophisticated with each successive

A/Generation -  Bouncing red ball that smothers its target.  Cloaks itself by
                going transparent.

B/Generation -  Bouncing blue cylinder that crushes target.  Extremely fast.
                Can hide in floor.

C/Generation -  Humanoid that can disguise itself as anything, animate or
                inanimate.  Decaptates target.

D/Generation -  Single prototype.  Project classified.

Rooms with Neogens or vents must be secured before you can rescue any trapped
workers.  To secure a room, you must kill every non-human organism and seal 
every vent.  You seal a vent simply by running across it.  When a room is
secured, all vents will turn green, and the red security door will open.

The building security system includes:

Security Switch/Key -  A white triangle with a smaller grey triangle in the 
                       center.  Each of these opems special doors, and cannot
                       be triggered until you are holding a security key of
                       sufficient level.  The keys can be found in adjacent
                       rooms, and can only be used on the floor where you find

Electrified Plate   -  Blinks on and off at intervals.  These will instantly 
                       fry you if you step on them while they are active.

Tracker             -  Scans the room looking for a target, firing on anything

Plasma Barrier      -  Rebounds between walls.  Will destroy anything on 

Teleporter          -  Moves anything instantly from one place to another.

The workers who are trapped in the building might be able to help you out, and
provide you with information that will help you discover who Derrida is and 
where you might find him.

You can only rescue a survivor when the room is secure (You must kill every
non-human organism and seal every vent by running across it).  Once a survivor
feels safe and sees you, he or she stands up, runs to you, and waits for your
guidance.  You must lead each survivor past any active security devices to a
safe exit, marked by a red arrow.

Be careful when firing the laser - a stray bolt could easily kill an
unprotected person.

Press ENTER while standing near survivors to see a dialog menu.  To select a
question or statement from the menu, Press DOWN arrow or UP arrow then ENTER.
You can modify some menu selections ending with "...." by pressing
-> or <- to
scroll through sentences.

HINT: Use computer terminals to get additional information.

You begin the game with 5 lives, and you lose one life anytime you are killed.
Each time you save a survivor you gain one life.  When you lose your last life,
you start over from the beginning of the level with the same number of lives
you had when you began that level.

At any point, you can press ALT-S to save your game position.  Press ALT-R and
you will appear at the beginning of the level where you last saved. 

        DOX typed by Leebold  of Dual Crew. Finished 1.38 PM GMT 1/7/92.