Baldies (baldies_man.txt)

	It's a Bald World!
Welcome to the amazing worlds of Baldies, where our folicly
challenged little friends engage in hilarious acts of war.
With a skilled team of workers, builders, soldiers and
scientists the Baldies scatter the land with their towns,
forests, laboratories and barracks, not to mention mine fields
and cannons. Unfortunately Baldies are not the smartest breed
and rely on their ally in the sky to sweep them from danger
and return them home, to guide them on their campaigns, to lead
their scientists to new levels of invention, to plan strategies
that will help them overcome the evil forces opposing them.

You'll find five worlds and 100 levels to conquer in the
Baldies universe, including secret warps, levels and tricks 
to add to the fun. It's never the same game twice!


System Requirements
Windows 95 Version:
Computer: 486 DX2-66MHz or higher processor
Memory: 8 MB RAM
Video Card:  Windows95 compatible SVGA
O/S: Windows95
CD-ROM Drive:Double speed or higher
Sound Card: Windows95 compatible
Mouse: Microsoft(r) compatible
Microsot DirectX 2 (included)

To play a multi-player Baldies network game,
you need all above system requirements, plus:
Network: IPX compatible with all necessary drivers installed

	Installation Instructions

Win95 version
To install Baldies in Win95, put the Baldies CD in your CD-ROM drive. 
Press the "Start" button on your Win95 task Bar (lower part of the 
screen) and select "RUN". In the dialog box that appears type 
D:\setup, where D is your CD-ROM drive. You will then be prompted 
for the directory where you would like Baldies to be installed 
(the default is C:\Baldies for Windows 95). You can hit the 
button marked Read Me for important installation notes. Once 
you have chosen the directory to install to,  press the Install 
button to commence the installation process. 
Baldies will copy only a minimal number of files to your hard 
drive, the CD is needed to play the game. Baldies also requires 
Direct X 2 to run, and you will be prompted for the installation 
of Direct X 2. If you know you have installed version 2 of 
Direct X, you can un-check the boxes next to the items you 
have previously installed. If you are unsure if you have 
Direct X 2, leave the boxes checked. Direct X will check your 
setup and only install if you have no version of Direct X, or 
if you have an older version. The setup program will create a 
program group called Baldies for Windows 95, and prompt you 
that the setup process is complete. Hit the OK button and you 
are ready to play. 
To begin a single player game, go to the Start Menu and select 
Programs, then Baldies for Windows 95 and choose Start Baldies 
Single Player.

	Networking Baldies

To run a network game you must have an IPX compatible network, 
with all necessary drivers installed. 

Windows 95 Version
To start a networked game of Baldies go to the Start Menu and 
select Programs, then Baldies for Windows 95 and choose Start 
Baldies on Network. You will be prompted to choose the connection 
method. Choose Winsock IPX connection for DirectPlay, and click
OK. You will then see a list of all active Baldies games.
The search button will refresh the list of active games.
Choose a game from the list, or select the Create button, which
will allow you to create a game that will appear on other lists.
If you choose to join an active game, you will be added to the
player list. During this time you will get a message that you
are waiting for other players. This message will stay on the
screen until the master has started the game, at which time
the game will commence.
If you choose to create a game, you will be prompted to enter
a name for it. This name can be any of your choosing (maximum
of 16 characters), and will identify your game to others. You
must then enter your player name, again this can be any of your
choosing (16 character maximum). You will then see a list of
players currently in your session, you can hit start at any
time that you have at least one other player in your game. Once
you hit start, however, no new players can join your game. After
you start the net game, you will have the choice of levels to
play. When you have chosen the level you desire, click on the
waving Baldy in the lower right hand corner.

During a network game you can communicate with other
players. This can be very useful for taunting your opponents.
To communicate with other players, use the Function Keys, as follows:

	F1	Player 1
	F2	Player 2
	F3	Player 3
	F4	Player 4
	F5	All Players

To send a message to a particular person, simply hit the 
Function Key that corresponds to that person. A text message 
will appear on the screen indicating who will receive the 
message. Type the message you want to send and press Enter. 
To broadcast a message to all players, hit the F5 key, type 
your message and press Enter.

At the end of the network game, a status screen will show statistics 
for all players in that game.

	Getting Started 

Log In Screen
Type your name on the Name line. This is how Baldies will track 
your progress. The next time you play, your name will be on the 
list below the card. Just click to select your name, and you'll 
be able to continue right where you left off! Up to 8 players 
can save their names so they can all start at or below the 
last level they completed.

Level Select Screen
The top box shows the five different worlds in the Baldies 
universe: Green, Ice, European, Desert and Hell. Each world 
has lots of levels to conquer, which are shown in the larger 
box below it. Use the mouse to move your pointer around the 
screen. Move the pointer to the right or left arrows and 
press the Left mouse button to scroll through the levels. 
The worlds and levels must be completed in order, and 
until they're completed you can't go to the next level 
or world. The level picture in the center of the screen 
will have a red X if you cannot access this level yet. 
But you can replay any level you've previously completed. 
When you've made your selection, move the pointer to the 
"Thumbs Up" Baldy in the lower right corner. Or, move the 
pointer to the level on the screen, and click the Left 
mouse button. To quit the game and go back to Windows 95, 
click on the "Waving goodbye" Baldy in the lower left 
corner at any time.


Moving around in Baldies is easy. Your mouse controls most of the 
functions. Use the Left mouse button to select and move items, 
move around the screen, etc. Use the Right mouse button when 
using the Advisor Baldy to find out what items are, and for 
other special commands.

Mouse			Moves pointer or hand all around the screen
Left mouse button	Selects icons, performs game actions
Right mouse button	When the Advisor is on, click to identify 
			objects, other special functions
P			Pauses and un-pauses the game
Esc	 		Quits the current level and goes back to 
			the Level Select screen

You can use the number keys located near the top of your keyboard 
(not the ones in the number pad), to select some of the icons 
on the screen:
	1	Worker Baldy
	2	Builder Baldy
	3	Soldier Baldy
	4	Scientist Baldy
	5	Angel Wings
	6	Flag
	7	Shovel
	8	Hand

Getting To Know Baldies
In this world you have total control of the Baldies. You decide 
what type they are, where they live, what they build, invent 
and attack. To manage such a task, helpful icons and tools 
are available in panels around the screen during the game. 
To use these, move the mouse to the icon and press the Left 
mouse button.

Panels 	Main Control panel

The Icons from Left to right are as follows:
 	Worker Icon	
Selecting the worker Icon allows you to change your Baldies 
job to a Worker. This can be done by selecting this icon, then 
either single clicking on a Baldy on the screen or clicking on 
the screen and 'dragging' the shaded box which will appear over 
an area of land, when you let go of the button the Baldies 
inside the shaded area will be turned into a Worker.

	Builder Icon	

Same functionality as the Worker Icon except turns the Baldies 
into Builders.

 	Soldier Icon	

Same functionality as the Worker Icon except turns the 
Baldies into Soldiers.

 	Scientist Icon	

Same functionality as the Worker Icon except turns the 
Baldies into Scientists.

	Angel Wings	

There comes a point in the game when there is just not enough 
time to pick up a Baldy with the Grab Hand (below) and drag 
the Baldies into the house or over the water to attack the 
enemy. When this happens the Angel wings Icon is more than 
useful. By highlighting an area of the land with the Angel 
wings icon, you can turn the Baldies in the area into Angels 
who will then fly to wherever you tell them to. This can be 
to the  inside of a house so you can breed them for a while 
or it can be onto the enemies land for a surprise attack or 
even tell them to land in the water if you want to. There is 
a small amount of energy which gets used up for using this 
icon but not that much in comparison to how useful it is as 
a tool. This icon is initially turned off when the level 
starts, it gets turned on when you have built four houses 
and have sufficient red energy.


Another icon which is turned off when the level is started. 
The Shovel will be turned on after the player has built three 
houses and has sufficient red energy. Need more land to build 
a house? Are you getting invaded by the enemy from across the 
land corridor they created? Then you need to use the shovel 
icon to add or remove land. The Shovel uses some energy so 
use it wisely or you will find you have no red energy for other 
purposes. The Shovel can also be used to trap Baldies on 
islands or even to drown them if you so desire. A very useful tool.

	Construction Flag	

When you need to build a new house on the land, make your stake 
on the land by placing down the construction flag. All of the 
Builders in the vacinity will see this and instantly start 
making their way to the flag where they will go through the 
process of building a house. The flag can only be placed on 
land where there is enough room to actually build a house. 
The builders will of course need builder energy which is the 
blue bar on the main panel before any actual construction takes 

	Grab Hand 	

You can use the grab hand  for more than just picking up your 
own teams Bald population, you can also use it to pick up other 
things on the environment such as rocks, sticks, rabbits and 
anything else that's not nailed down to the ground. The hand 
is initially the easiest method of putting Baldies inside 
the house, just grab them and drop them inside the house, 
its as easy as that. The only thing that cannot be picked 
up apart from the obvious houses and trees are the enemies 
Cows and animals can be picked up and dropped wherever you 
wish. But be ultra careful not to click on Helicopter blades 
as they can hurt those little fingers of yours making it 
impossible to pick things up for a short while. Carrying 
things around the map will cost some energy, the heavier 
the object the more energy it takes, Baldies are fairly 
light, cows are extremely heavy; when the energy runs 
out you automatically drop whatever you were carrying 
regardless of where you are on the map.

	Power Bars	

Power bars represent the materials you have collected and the 
power that you posses. 

Red bar:	Worker power bar
The red bar will fill up when you have worker Baldies outside, 
it will drain when panel tools are being used.

Blue bar:	Builder power bar
Builder power will fill up when Builders are outside of the 
house collecting materials, it will be drained when Builders 
build houses or repair damage sustained to the house either 
through neglect or through enemy inflicted damage.

Green bar:	Soldier power bar
Fills up when Soldiers are inside the Barracks making 
ammunition, which the soldiers outside use when firing bullets 
and grenades at the enemies or attacking the enemies houses. 
When you drop bombs from the Helicopter, the Bombs are once 
again controlled by the ammunition your Soldiers have 
manufactured which once again reduces the green bar.

White bar:	Scientist power bar
Scientists need materials for all of the mines, traps, 
inventions and contraptions they are forced into making. 
This needs white energy which as is firmly established, is 
increased by having Scientists outside collecting material.

Invention bar and game options.

The left hand side of the invention bar has six slots which are 
where the inventions are placed when they are being worked on 
by the scientists, this is also where you select the invention 
which you wish to select or use in the game.
When the scientists start to work on an invention (see inside 
house) the first free slot will be filled with an icon of the 
invention, the bar to the right hand side of each invention 
slot shows the progress the scientists have made. 
If the Bar is 'Red' the invention is in development and 
the scientists are working hard to build it for you. The 
height of the red bar shows how close to completion they are. 
When the invention has been manufactured the bar will turn 
green to show you can use it.
Most inventions are used by selecting the invention by 
clicking on it's Icon, then placing it onto the playing 
area again by clicking on the land. If the invention is 
of the deliverable type such as a Landmine or a Trap, then 
an 'X' will appear on the ground. The 'X' marks the spot 
for the scientist who will be delivering the invention to 
that area. The nearest scientist to the 'X' will be selected 
for this purpose.


To the right hand side of the invention slots is the Trashcan. 
If you have been playing Baldies for a while you may run out 
of space on the invention panel. to free up some space for 
the new invention you wish to make, just click on the 
Trashcan, which will graphically open, then click on the 
invention slot you wish to 'trash'. The old invention will 
disappear making a space for the new one.

	Map View	

Sometimes its nice to see what's going on in the world from 
above, the Map view does this by opening up a small resizable 
window (picture) which shows a miniature version of the world. 
This is very useful for quickly checking how many houses the 
enemy have, or where they are on the map - without scrolling 
all over the world looking for them. The Map also shows where 
the Baldies are, this allows you to see if the enemy are 
sending an attack force to raid your  castle giving you some 
precious time to take preventative measures (if you have not 
already done so).

	Zoom mode	

Clicking the Magnifying glass will zoom into the screen, clicking 
again will zoom you out of the screen. This allows you to view the 
battle scenes with particular ease. This is also rather handy when 
trying to catch fish, zoom up close and the fish are four times 
bigger which is easier to catch with your grab hand.

	Panel placement	

The Main panel can be placed on any side of the screen. Clicking 
on the Panel placement icon will move the panel to the side of 
the screen in a clockwise direction from bottom to left to top 
to right and back to bottom again. This is useful when the mini-map 
is open on the screen as the screen can get rather busy if all the 
Panels are together at the bottom of the screen.

	Options page	

Although we think Baldies is the best game ever, there may be a 
few times when you wish to put the volume down on the music so 
you don't keep the whole family awake at night. Or, you may 
want to increase the sound effect volume until you can hear 
the sheep 'Baaaah'. Just click on the options page icon and 
Holy cow, an options page will appear as if by magic. 

Playing Baldies
Just like in real life, in this universe you need Baldies 
with different skills to be successful. Keeping a good balance 
of Workers, Builders, Soldiers and Scientists will make your 
world run smoothly. It's up to you to decide how many of each 
Baldy type you need, but these guys are can 
change them with a simple click of the button. And you decide 
how and when you want to attack the enemy, hopefully before 
you're attacked! Press the Left mouse button to click on these icons.

Moving and Changing Baldies
As the flexible and eager to please types, Baldies are easy to 
move and change. To move a Baldy (and most other items you'll 
find), select the Hand icon on the Main panel. Then click and 
hold the Left mouse button on the Baldy. You'll see it kick 
its legs and fling its arms as you carry it to wherever you 
want it to be. To put a Baldy in a house, just drop it on the 
house. Open the house to see how many you have of each type. 
Since they don't like crowds, Baldies you try to put in the 
house will run out the front door when the house is full.

If you need more of one type of Baldy, they can be changed 
while walking around outside. Click on the Baldy type you want 
on the Main panel (Worker, Builder, Soldier, Scientist). Then 
move your pointer to the specific Baldy you want to change. The 
cursor will change to a box. Press the Left mouse button to 
change the Baldy to the new type. You can also go inside a 
house and move Baldies from room to room to change their types 
(see House Panel).Try to keep a good balance of Baldy types. 
They all have important work to do!


There are lots of different houses in Baldies, all of them 
are useful and you should look to have at least a few 
different houses on your Baldies landscape. There are however 
three styles of houses which are of most use, these are:

General housing
Scientists labs
Soldiers Barracks

General houses are best at what they sound like 'General' 
housing, this is where the Baldies breed best. A small 
tip would be to invent the 'Rabbit breeding' invention 
and drop it onto a general style of house and watch as 
your Baldy population rockets upwards.

Scientist labs are the first of the specialist houses 
where the Baldies invent things quicker. The Science 
lab is also where you can drop things on the roof and 
the scientists will invent things based on that object. 
For example if you drop a rabbit on the science lab you 
can get the scientists to try inventions on the rabbit, 
the same goes for the cow, fox and any animal. Dropping 
rocks on the roof allows you to invent 'Rock rain' and 
even dropping a real goldfish on the roof allows you to 
make it rain fish, the best idea is to try things and 
see if the scientists have any new inventions available 
on their blackboard after you have dropped the object 
on the lab.

Soldiers Barracks are where the Soldiers create ammunition
 for attacking the enemies with in the quickest manner. 
The more Soldiers inside the Barrack the quicker they make 
the ammo. The barracks is also a very difficult house to 
overrun unless you send in lots of opposing Soldiers to 
try and storm it.

It is possible to build a few extensions onto the side 
of the houses. When you have a medium house it's possible 
to build a garage onto the side which will have the effect 
of allowing the scientists to invent a car which can be 
driven around the world by you knocking over Baldies.
When the first Castle has been built you can also build a 
Helicopter pad onto the roof, again having the effect of 
allowing the scientists to invent a Helicopter, which 
can then be used for deathly bombing missions.

House Panel  

When you click on the roof of one of your houses, the House 
panel will open up which shows you a representation of the 
number of  Baldies who are  inside the house and what they 
are currently doing. 
The rooms in the house are from bottom left going clockwise;

Workers Room

Builders Room

Scientists Room

Soldiers Room

Workers room

Workers will watch Television or exercise in their room, they 
also breed in here but as this is a family game we are unable 
to graphically depict this activity here. The more Workers 
you have inside the house the quicker they will breed. Workers 
are glad be indoors after a hard days graft as it revives 
their little legs, ready for another day.

Builders room

Builders, whist inside the house they will repair the house 
furiously if it is broken (as long as there are enough 
builders) or they will attempt to build the house up to a 
better building which the player has selected the blueprint 
for and placed on the Blackboard. The bigger the house the 
more Builders there needs to be inside to maintain, repair 
and expand the building.

By clicking on the blackboard in the builders room you are 
provided with a choice of  houses which are available for 
the builders to build the house into. At the top left of 
the available house icon is a small box which is a particular 
color depicting the style of house that the particular 
structure is designed for. Red for Breeding/general, Green 
for Soldiers/Barracks and White for Scientists/Labs. 
The only time when you will not get choices by clicking 
on the blackboard or will be unable to select a particular 
house is when there is a red cross over the icon; this 
means that their is no room for the builders to build the 
house up to, this can be fixed by using the 'Spade' icon 
to create more land, or use the grab hand to move any 
debris which may stop the Builders from building.

Scientists room

Scientists busily build inventions and do research and 
development in their little labs. Similar in function to 
the builders room, the scientists have a blackboard which 
you can click on to see which inventions are available for 
inventing. As long as you have enough free slots on your 
invention panel you can start to invent some cool inventions 
straight away. Remember that you also need Science energy 
(white bar) which is controlled by the number of Scientists 
you have outside.
Once again, Baldy law dictates that the more people you have 
in the room, the quicker the job gets done. Make sure you have 
Scientists outside of the house as you need them to deliver 
the inventions to their destination.

Soldiers Room

Soldiers are needed inside the house as well as outside. 
They have a number of functions one of the most important 
is to protect the house against enemy attacks; it is 
always harder to overrun a  house if it is filled with 
soldiers,  who incidentally take around four times more 
Baldies to overrun if inside the house. If the actual 
house structure is a Barrack then the Soldiers will spend 
their time making ammunition for there counterparts on 
the outside. The more Soldiers and Barracks the more 
bullets and grenades are available for attacks, making 
the game hugely easier for your aggressive tactics to be 
of use.

Moving People inside the house

It is possible to move Baldies from Job to Job inside the house 
quickly and easily, all you need to do is move the cursor over 
the door and press the button to kick the Baldies out into the 
Hallway; once they are in the hall you can move the cursor 
around and watch as the Baldies follow your cursor  looking 
avidly to see what you want them to do. If you want to make 
the Baldies become Scientists simply click on the Science 
room and watch as the Baldies happily run into the room; 
the same applies for Workers, Builders and Soldiers rooms  
- just click on the door to kick them out into the hall 
then onto a room and watch as the Baldies run into their 

To move people from the rooms outside, click on the room 
doors in the same fashion as if you  were to move them 
to another room. When the desired number of Baldies are 
in the Hallway simply click on the front door and watch 
as the Baldies stream outside into the sunlight. Just 
make sure there are no traps which the enemy has placed 
to catch you out

Tree Panel

Baldies love to play inside the trees, swinging on the branches. 
Baldies inside the trees are rewarded by having their 
energies boosted slightly making them more agile and eager 
to get on with their terrestrial based tasks. 
If you drop some Baldies onto a tree you can 'claim' 
the tree in the same way as you can claim an empty house 
by placing a Baldy inside it. If you wait outside the tree 
for a period of time it's possible to see the Baldies jump 
around the branches. Clicking on the tree will open it up 
and reveal it's Bald population (as long as it's your tree), 
you should see Baldies of all the different types swing on 
the branches. Clicking on the Baldy should kick them outside 
one by one in the same way as the house works. Baldies 
fortunately don't breed inside the trees. This is 
probably a good thing as they might fall out and 
hurt themselves!

Be careful though as Trees should be looked at in the 
same way as houses which means look at strategically 
using them whenever you can on the enemies land, but 
look out for the tree snakes or earthquakes which will 
shake the Baldies out of the trees making them vulnerable. 
Trees can also be attacked from the air by flying soldiers 
into attack.

Now you've got your Workers working, your Builders building, 
your Soldiers soldiering and your Scientists scientisting. 
But how do you get rid of those hairy bad guys? Inventions 
are the answer. Your Scientist Baldies are pretty smart (maybe 
because there's no hair follicles to get in the way of their 
brain waves), so there are lots of damaging, dangerous and 
dastardly inventions you can use. Combine them for a powerful 
one-two punch! (Note: Inventions may look slightly different 
in each world.)

Hazards  Use on land only, but be careful. They can hurt your 
Baldies, too.

Cannon 1	Whoever walks over the cannon will be launched 
into the air; throwing but not killing them. Remember to select 
a target when you use a cannon.
Cannon 2 	Takes more energy from the target character who, 
if damaged, could be killed.
Cannon 3 	The big one. Anyone thrown by this will die.

Electro 1 	When activated, it's fry time for whoever touches it.
Electro 2 	Can zap again and again, lasts longer than Electro 1.
Electro 3 	Longer lasting, multiple fry times.

Landmine 1 	Will detonate when stepped on, killing the 
unlucky fool who walked there.
Landmine 2 	Stronger than Landmine 1, anyone in the immediate 
area at the time of the blast is history.
Landmine 3 	Even stronger than Landmine 2, killing everyone 
around the mine. This will also damage houses and structures 
in the area. (Hint: It will sometimes effect the landscape)

Pit 1 		When a character walks over the pit it will 
open and they'll fall in.
Pit 2 		Bigger than Pit 1 so it activates easier 
and more folks fall in.
Pit 3 		The biggest pit, it can swallow a lot of 
poor souls at one time.

Popper	 	When someone walks over the popper they will be 
filled full of air until they explode.

Popper Field 	Put this on an open space so it will fill the 
area with Poppers.

Springboard 1	When stepped on, flings whoever steps on it 
into the air.
Springboard 2	Larger springboard, causes twice as much 
damage as Springboard 1 upon landing.
Springboard 3	Even larger springboard, will kill 
character upon landing.

Trap 1 		When stepped on, a set of sharp jaws 
bite whoever stepped on it, causing pain but not death, 
unless the character is already injured. It can be 
activated more than once.
Trap 2 		This one has a bigger and nastier bite! 
It will kill and can be used again and again.
Trap 3		Even bigger and has an extra special function.

Balloon 		Attracts Angel winged Baldies 
towards the Balloon, where they will land underneath it. 
This is used for many things one being to divert enemy 
scientists who are delivering offensive inventions and 
if  the Balloon is over water it just makes the poor 
Bald land in the water.

Shark Bait	Drop the bait on the ground and it will 
attract more land sharks or level equivalents into the
area which will eat more people.

Shark Repellent	If you notice more people than usual 
are being eaten by landsharks, drop some repellent
down on the land which should help quite by scaring off sharks.

Teleporter 	Click on the Teleport icon then click where 
you want to put the teleporter. Then, to place the second 
pad (the receiver), click on the spot to which you want 
quick access. If you do something else before placing 
the second pad, just click on the Teleport icon again to 
place the second pad.

Happy Bunny	You can drop this on your house and all of the 
workers will breed quicker for a short period of time.

Sad Bunny	Has the opposite effect, this makes all the 
workers breed slower. This is a good strategy to use 
against the enemy, allowing you to breed more people up.

Skunk bomb	Very smelly indeed, in fact so smelly 
It will make most of the people inside a house run out 
if one is dropped on the roof. This makes a good way 
to kick people outside into a cunningly placed landmine field.

Gas Mask	Gives all the people inside the house 
protection against the skunk attacks.

Mad Cow	Drop a Cow on the landscape and watch as the 
Baldies are attracted to it, when there are 
a fixed number of Baldies around the cow, it 'moos' 
then explodes killing all around him.

Snake		When you have an enemy annoying you by 
placing a few token Baldies into the trees you 
need a quick and easy way to get kick them out of 
the tree. Try dropping the Snake invention into the tree.

Acts of You
These will have different effects depending on where they are used.

Earthquake	If you are finding it tough attacking 
the enemy who have taken refuge in the trees, just 
create an earthquake and it will shake most of them 
out of the trees and houses (be careful, it will shake 
out your Baldies also). 

Flamehead 1 	Click on this, then on an enemy to kill a 
single character.
Flamehead 2 	Will kill more enemies than Flamehead 1 
and a larger area is effected.
Flamehead 3 	Will kill more enemies in an even larger area.

Storm 1		Click on the icon, then on the area where 
you want a storm. The storm will begin and the rain will 
come down on the entire land, but only those in the area 
(one screen size) will be effected. Storm 1 will slowly 
force any flying winged characters to the ground. 
Storm 2 	Effected area is larger and the storm is 
stronger. Those in flight will be grounded quicker . The 
storm will occasionally flood small patches of land.
Storm 3 	Effected area is greater. More of the 
land will be flooded, anyone in flight will be grounded 
and the helicopter will crash.

When the game has been going on for a while 
and you just want to see who is ahead, just 
drop this down and it will make the computer 'take over'. 
The computer will kick every one from every team out from 
their houses, turn them into angels, then Soldiers - fly 
everyone to a newly created island in the middle of the 
world where they can fight it out once and for all to 
see who has won.

Angel Cloud	A very powerful invention, which turns angels 
from the opposing side into members of your 
team. If placed properly this can be used to stop enemy air 
based attacks, forcing them to take a land based approach 
unless the enemy wants to give you his entire population

Rock Rain	Drops Rocks from the sky which if a rock 
lands next to a house it will stop it from being 
able to grow. If a rock lands on a Baldies head he will 
obviously get squashed.


Car		To build a car you must first build a house with 
a garage (by selecting the appropriate icon in the Builder 
room of a red house when this option becomes available to you). 
You will 			then be able to invent a car. 
Once invented, click the car icon on the Inventions panel, 
then click on the garage. You are now motorized. Take 
control of the car by clicking the Left mouse button on 
it, release control by clicking the Left mouse button 
again. (Hint: Hit and run situations are legal in 
Baldies worlds.)

Helicopter 	First, build a helipad when it appears 
as an icon in the Builder room of a large house. 
Then you will be able to invent the helicopter. Once 
invented, click on the Helicopter icon 	in the Inventions 
panel, then on the helipad. The helicopter will appear. 
Take control by pressing the Left mouse button on the 
helicopter in flight. Drop bombs by using the Right 
mouse button. Bombs use energy from the Green Power Bar. 
Release helicopter control by clicking the Left mouse button. 
(This is one way to eliminate Baldies with angel wings.)

Plus, anything you see may be useful. Try experimenting! 
There are lots of things to find and use. Drop things you 
find into various buildings and see what happens. When 
in doubt, give it a try!

Inventions are not always a one-shot affair, for 
instance electricity just loves the wet, so if it's 
raining you know it's time for the sparks to start flying. 
Most inventions can be combined, with up to four levels of 
enhanced effect.

If that pesky enemy is winging his bald crusaders across 
the murky waters to your home patch why not mince them to 
a pulpy mess with the rotor blades of your helicopters, 
it's bound to make an impression.

Try blowing up land mines near everything, there are 
specials just waiting to be discovered. A good Baldy 
commander knows that if its still blow it up, if it 
moves burn it.

Fish just love you to feed them goodies and they will 
often reward you with themselves if your grab hand is fast enough.

Question and Answer section

Popular questions about Baldies

How do I make the lights in the House go on?
You don't, when it gets dark the Baldies will turn the lights 
on for you.

How do I get my Baldies to attack the enemies house?
By dropping your team-coloured Shield onto an enemy house. 
Baldy Soldiers are always attracted to their team shield by 
moving the shield you can direct them where to go. The Shield 
has an influence over the Soldiers of around two screens away. 
Soldiers outside this area will wander around of there own accord.

How Do I get the Soldiers to fire Bullets?
By having a Barrack for storage and by putting Soldiers 
inside the houses so they can manufacture the Bullets.

What inventions can be used together?
All Inventions can be used together, but some are 
'designed' to work together, such as the Skunk and 
a Popperfield or a Minefield. Drop the Skunk invention 
onto the roof of an enemy house and watch as the 
Enemies run outside and get filled with Helium gas 
until their heads 'pop' off (as in 'popper' field!) 
or explode into five pieces as they run over a landmine. 
Another invention set is the 'Electro' inventions, these 
electrocute the Baldies as they run over them. There are 
three types of 'Electro' which only seem be different in 
that they last longer, but if you deliberately make it 
Rain with the rain storm invention, and a Baldy runs over
 the 'Electro', as it's wet the Baldies in the near 
Vicinity also get fatally shocked. The vicinity of 
fatality is dependent to the stage of the 'Electro'. 

How do the inventions get turned on in my invention-list?
When the player starts the game they have the 'basic' set of 
around five inventions, the actual number is dependent on 
the Level. As the Baldies house grows in size, inventions 
get added to the invention-list. Different types of House 
also adds inventions to the list, for instance if you tell 
the Baldies to build a garage onto the side of your house 
then the 'Car' invention appears in the list. If you build 
an army barrack this will add offensive weapons related to 
an army barrack to the invention-list.
To keep the game well paced, some of the more advanced 
inventions are added to the game as it progresses through 
the levels.

What Vehicles can I invent?
The main two are the Helicopter and the Car (in various forms). 
The Helicopter can be taken on Bombing runs to take out the 
enemies castle or Nursery(!), whilst another extremely 
powerful use is the ability to fly through the Baldies as 
they are flying from area to area, mincing the flying 
scientists as they deliver inventions. The Car can be used 
to mow the enemies down as they invade your land, as well 
as enable you to play the 'Baldies GrandPrix' on a Network game. 

Why do I want to make it rain?
There are three stages of rain storm, the larger the 
storm the more damage it does to the surrounding area 
and to the houses in that area, eventually taking 
chunks out of the land with the flooding which can 
drown Baldies if they are standing on the land as it 
disappears. If the rainstorm is only stage1, then it 
is rare to see damage straight away but it does decrease 
the Baldies energy, damages the house and stops the Houses 
from allowing breeding inside them, as the Noise on the 
roof distracts the Baldies inside.

How do I make it rain fish?
Catch a goldfish and drop it in a Science lab.

What do the goldfish do?
You can pick them up and feed them to your Baldies, 
increasing their energy.

Can I take inventions from one level to the next?
Yes, but you can only take a stage3 invention over to the 
next level. The invention is also 'Downgraded' to a stage1 
invention as it gets carried over.

Do I need to complete all 100 levels?
No, there are secret warps which look like large rocks in 
the ground, you can blow these up in the ground with a 
Stage3 landmine. The Baldies can then be dropped or simply 
run into the warp which will turn on a level further into 
the game such as Level32. When starting Level32 you will 
start with the 'Basic' number of Baldies plus the number 
of Baldies that were warped from the previous level.

Are there any hidden or Bonus  levels?
Yes, absolutely loads. As you progress through the game, 
the bonus and Hidden levels will 'appear' on the level 
selection screen. Some of the hidden levels have hidden 
inventions which can be carried over to the next level. 
Other levels are Bonus levels where you are asked to complete 
a certain task which depending on the outcome will give you 
extra Baldies on the next level you play. The Bonus levels range 
from puzzles to tasks which could be along the lines of 'Knock 
over as many Baldies as you can with the Car in 1 minute', 
this bonus level will give you one Baldy for every five you 
successfully run into the dirt! 'Save as many Baldies as 
possible from the Minefield in 30 seconds", the survivors will 
then be carried over giving you a helping handful of Baldies 
for the next stage.

Where is the Helicopter?
You must first build a Helipad onto the roof of a stage1 Castle 
before the Helicopter invention will be added to the invention-list.

Why can I no longer drop Bombs on people from the Helicopter?
Because you either have no 'Soldier' energy on your panel 
(Green bar) or you have not created a Barrack allowing 
Bombs and Bullets to become active.

What do the other animals do?
All the animals have other purposes to them. Nearly all the 
animals can be used in some way by the Scientists for 
experiments, allowing them to concoct some wicked inventions 
such as the Exploding Cow which attracts the enemies towards 
it before the cow explodes, spreading itself over the map 
and killing the enemy Baldies (or your own) at the same 
time. If you or the enemy unknowingly picks up a cow 
that has been 'tampered' with and drop it in your house 
for inventing on, the Cow will explode inside the house, 
unluckily killing all the inhabitants - this is an 
awesome strategy on a Network game, it really annoys 
the other players.
Rabbits and Fox's are used to increase and decrease 
population control, Sheep are used for 'Special' purposes, 
Skunks are used to chase people out houses, hopefully into a 
previously planted minefield or trap. Fish, Dolphins, Kangaroos, 
Snakes and all the other animal fodder can be used in some way 
or other. Most animals can also be dropped onto traps and 
mines allowing the player to 'detonate' them.

How do I actually experiment on the animals?
You need to build a Science lab so that the Scientists have 
enough room for the Animals. 

Is it true that I can really set the Baldies on Fire?
Yes, with the singular Firebomb  invention, and the 
Mass-firebomb invention which takes out an area of Baldies 
at the one time.

How do I make the Baldies urinate?
You don't, when the Baldies need to relieve their Bladders 
they will do it themselves. The best place to catch them 
is on a small Island with a large house such as the Castle 
placed directly in the middle. The Baldies will then when 
needed do their thing against the side of the house or in 
the Castle's pond.

Where are the 'Wings' and 'Shovel' on the panel?
The Shovel will appear on your panel when you have enough 
houses and when you have enough Energy. The Angel wings 
icon will appear once you have a combination of enough Energy, 
Houses and Baldies.


Baldies will not install properly
Make sure you have enough free hard disk space. Baldies requires 
4MB of hard disk space to install.

Game will not run
* To run Baldies for Windows95 you must have Direct X version 2. 
The included install program contains Direct X 2, and can be 
used to install it to your system.
* Direct X sometimes requires the latest drivers from your 
video card manufacturers. You should contact your video card 
manufacturer for any updates they may have for your video drivers.
* Make sure the Baldies CD-ROM is in the drive. Baldies 
will not run without the CD.

Sound problems or no sound
* Make sure your speakers are connected and have power. 
* Check your sound setup, if you have the wrong sound 
card, or sound card information Baldies could  have 
problems running. Consult your sound card manual if you 
have questions about the configuration (such as IRQ number).

Sound card not listed in setup
Your sound card must be on the list in the setup program to 
ensure that it works with Baldies. 

No mouse control in game
Make sure you have a mouse driver loaded. If you are not sure how 
to do this, consult the documentation supplied with your mouse.

Network Troubleshooting

The network game will not run
To run a network game you must use the Start Baldies on Network 
icon, not the Single player icon. You must also be using an IPX 
compatible network with all appropriate drivers installed. 
If you are unsure of your network configuration, contact your 
network administrator.

Slow response in network game
* The amount of traffic on your network will affect the speed 
of Baldies network games. The only way to solve this problem 
is to wait until fewer users are on the network.
* Baldies will default to the speed of the slowest computer 
in the game during network play. Each player should have at 
least 8 MB of RAM for optimum play. If the computer you are 
using is one of the faster systems, you will notice a 
performance decrease when playing a network game against a 
slower system. The best idea is to have all players on 
similar systems. 

Game crashes or gives an error message
This could be caused by network traffic. Baldies relies on 
information sent to arrive in a timely manner. If network 
traffic causes the information to be slowed or not delivered, 
the game will get out of sync.