The Sentinel (The-Sentinel-Manual.txt)


Beyond your wildest dreams, in a world where the only force is pure energy,
stands the Sentinel. Battle against him through 10.000 lands, in the most
original, compelling and addictive computer game ever devised. Firebird issue
the challenge, and the Sentinel awaits. 

The object of the game is to absorb the Sentinel and replace him as ruler of the
landscape. Once achieved, you may hyper-space into a new world to begin the
struggle afresh.
Once you have loaded the game, the titlescreen will be displayed. Press any key
and you will be asked to input a landscape number 0000 to 9999. 
After you have entered the landscape number and hit return, you will be prompted
for an 8 digit secret entry code unless you chose landscape 0000 which does not
require an entry code. 
After a short delay, you will be shown an aerial view of the selected landscape
which shows the relative position of the Sentinel (the one standing on the
tower) and the sentries, if any. Pressing any key will take you onto the
landscape's surface. The Sentinel and sentries will be inactive until you
expend or absorb energy. This allows you to have a look around and plan your
assault on the Sentinel. 
Once activated, the Sentinel and sentries slowly rotate, scanning the landscape
for squares which contain more than 1 unit of energy. 
If they can clearly see such a square, the Sentinel/sentry will reduce the
energy to 1 unit by absorbing 1 unit at a time and creating a tree randomly on
the landscape. Therefore a robot becomes a boulder and a boulder becomes a tree.

You absorb things and create things by turning on your sights and centering them
on the square surface below the object to be absorbed/created. Boulders,
however, act as an extension of the square surface, and the sights should be
aimed at the side of the boulder. Boulders can be stacked and have things placed
on top of them. 
The amount of energy you have is shown at the top left of the screen in the form
of robots, boulders and tree icons. A coloured (non-blue) robot is worth 15
energy units. 
To move around the landscape, you must create a robot and then, with the sights
still on, press the transfer key. You will now be in the new robot facing your
old robot which you may absorb. 
The indicator on the top right of the screen is the scan warning. If a
Sentinel/sentry spots you, this indicator will be filled with specks. You have
about 5 seconds to move out of view before your energy is drained 1 point at a
time. Once all of your energy is drained, then you are absorbed and the game
ends. The total amount of energy in a landscape remains constant, so if a unit
of your energy is absorbed, a tree will be randomly placed on the landscape. 
If the scan warning indicator is only half filled with specks, this means that
the Sentinel/sentry can see you, but cannot see the square that you are standing
on: So it cannot absorb your energy. In this situation, it looks for a tree near
to you and transforms it into a meanie. 
The meanies' job is to flush you out, which it does by forcing you to
hyperspace. The meanie rotates quickly, making a low clicking sound, until it
can see you. You will then hyperspace to a new location. 
Hyperspacing uses 3 units of energy, because it creates a new robot in a random
position and automatically transfers you to it, leaving your old robot behind.
You are likely to end up at the same height or lower, but never on your original
square. If you hyperspace with less than 3 units of energy, you are destroyed. 
Once the Sentinel has been absorbed, you can no longer absorb energy, although
you can still create objects and transfer to other robots. 
Once you hyperspace, while standing on the Sentinel's tower, you will be
given the 8 digit entry code for a new landscape. The new landscape that you are
given is the sum of the present landscape number plus the energy left after the

Key summary: 
Pan left ....... S 
Pan right ...... D 
U-turn ......... U 
Hyperspace ..... H 
Create tree .... T 
Create robot ... R 
Create boulder . B 
Sights on/off .. SPACE 
Pause .......... CRSR LEFT/RIGHT 
Unpause ........ CRSR UP/DOWN 
Pan up .......... L 
Pan down ........ , (Comma) 
Absorb .......... A 
Transfer ........ Q 
Increase volume . 8 
Decrease volume . 7 
Quit game ....... F1 

Energy Values
Tree	 1	Sentry   4
Boulder	 2	Sentinel 4
Robot	 3	Meanie   1

Cover illustration by David Rowe. 
Programmed & designed by Geoff Crammond.
Copyright British Telecom plc. 1986 

Credits for the Remember version: 
Tape original and documents supplied by DERBYSHIRE RAM. 
Trained by JACK ALIEN and HOK. 
Cracked, shortened and documents typed by HOK in October 1998.