Covert Action (COVERT.TXT)

                            Sid Meier's

                  -»> Covert Action by MicroProse <«-
                  =- Written By : Midnight Caller -=

GRAPHICS:  CGA/EGA/MCGA/VGA  (256 Color)/Tandy
CONTROLS:  Keyboard &/or Joystick
SOUND:     Adlib/SB/PC Tweeter/Roland/NONE

PLUG:  Do you thrive on the challenges of the present? Then the company
       that pioneered roleplaying/simulations will thrust
       you into the dangerous world of Covert Action. Take on
       international terrorists, drug traffickers, corrupt
       officials and ruthless foreign agents in this challenging
       game of suspense and intrigue.

You are a Top level CIA Agent, and you search the world over in
looking for evidence to eventually arrest suspects.  In this
game you try to capture as many criminals as you can before
your time runs out (I'm not exactly sure how long the time
limit lasts).  If you survive your adventures you will be
ranked on your accomplishments and given a score. It is
Possible to break 1000, but it is EXTREMELY difficult.
As you solve more cases successfully you will receive
other assignments that are more challenging. Your
Head Quarters is the CIA Building where your secretary Sam
will give you advice and direct you what to do (Listen to
Sam as she knows what you need to do!) and from here
you can analyze your phone taps, de-code messages,
and various other tasks.

  -  At the beginning of the game you can select four areas of
       COMBAT      All of the fighting aspects in Covert Action
       DRIVING     This Involves the art of following a suspect
       CRYPTO      This skill allows you to de-code messages
       ELECTRONICS This allows you to make telephone taps

  -  Once you are outside of the CIA Building you have many
     places that you can go.  Try and find a building that
     is in some way related to the Group that you are trying
     to apprehend.

  -  Once you are at the building you can Tap the telephone,
     wait to see if anyone leaves (and then follow them), or
     you may simply decide to go right in.  When you decide
     to enter the building you will be confronted with a menu
     of "tools" to take inside.

     * KEVLAR ARMOR      Get this! You'll need it!
     * UZI               Any self-respecting Agent needs one!
     * CAMERA(36 Exp.)   Used to record evidence. Important!
       BUGS              Use to listen in on people. Not important.
       GRENADES          Wait, when you kill a person you'll get a few.
     * SAFE CRACKING KIT Important to recover VALUABLE information!
     * MOTION DETECTOR   ??? I always get it.
       GAS MASK          Not very important, I only needed it once.
         (* - Get these!)

  -  When you enter the building you will see a map on the bottom
     right hand side of the screen (this is a tremendous help).
     The map will show you where you've been, the Exit's, and
     where the Bad Guys are.  Now you can walk from room to room,
     and plant bugs, take photographs, crack safes, and kick some
     but with that UZI!

  -      F1 -  OPEN OBJECTS   You have to open all objects before
               you can take a photograph of it.

         F2 -  PHOTOGRAPH     If you have film you can now photo-
               graph all opened Desks, and Safes (and even Toilets!)

         F3 -  PLANT BUG      You can plant a Bug in a picture on
               the wall, or in a plant (1 Bug per room).  Now you
               are able to listen in on the enemy.

      F4/F5 -  THROW GRENADE  These things make a nice explosion.

  SPACE BAR -  FIRE UZI       Fire at the enemy. Very simple.

  SHIFT+DOWN-  DUCK & CRAWL   Allows you to hide behind objects
               and avoid detection.  This also reduces your risk
               of being hit by a bullet.

  -  As you find evidence and records about your enemy you will
     build up a case, which can be reviewed at any time.  Once
     you have a good case you can go and arrest the enemy (Sam
     will usually tell you as well when to arrest a person).

  -  When you make a WIRE TAP you will be presented with a grid
     of components with current flowing through them.  High-
     Light the component and press ENTER to change it's
     direction. Be Careful, because a false move could send
     current to the Alarm System!

  -  When you FOLLOW a Suspect you can select two vehicles
     (presumably the 1st for the suspect and the 2nd for
     yourself).  Next you will have a Grid of the city
     taking up most of the screen (not very helpful), and
     to the Top Right corner you will see a 3-D view of
     the streets your driving on, and to the Bottom Right
     corner you will see an overhead view of a few city
     blocks (THIS IS THE VERY HELPFUL & USEFUL!).  You
     are the Green car, and your suspect is in the Red
     car (the Gray car should be disregarded).  Simply
     follow the red car and turn when he does, and he
     will soon stop and you can go from there.

  -  And Lastly, as you get more clues you may find it
     necessary to travel to other parts of the world.
     Simply go to the Airport, and select your Destination.

     I have written this file from about 2-3 Hours of game
     play. Covert Action has turned into one of the few
     games where you can sit down for a few hours and it seems
     like only 30 minutes.  I have not included everything,
     but just the stuff that is somewhat difficult to figure
     out.  This should ensure that things go smoother for you
     than they did me!      Thank you MicroProse!

   FINAL NOTE: I've included one of my Save Games.  Dunno
   how much it can help... Just copy it to your Covert Action
   game directory...

                        Midnight Caller  [PE]

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