Taco Fiction (tacofictionwalkthrough.txt)

A Solution for Taco Fiction
by Ryan Veeder

Chapter 1 - Robbing Paco's Tacos.
"Nobody ever robs restaurants. Why not?"

x documents
x stains
x back seat
take umbrella
x it
open it
look under seat
open glovebox
(How you deal with Tory is up to you. You can ignore him completely by going
east again:)
x bricks
e (Now you're outside Paco's.)
x painting
x tree
take envelope

Chapter 2 - Sneaking Around at Paco's.
"Is that what I think it is?"

talk to cashier
(Get whatever information you want out of him, but make sure you order one of
Paco's famous tacos. And then, while the cashier's gone…)
take tips
take tips
take tips
take tips (whoops!)
take taco
pay cashier
taste taco
eat it
talk to cop
(They don't have a lot to say either.)
x safe
x insignia
x dials (You need the combination. This will be easier than it should be.)
x desk
x dust
take dust
open top drawer
take sticky note
read it
turn first dial to W
turn second dial to F
turn third dial to P
turn fourth dial to P
open safe
x console
x buttons
press red button
(The show that starts now will play on its own; you can mess around with
whatever you want in the office while it's running and not miss
anything—as long as you're paying attention. The right screen will stop
eventually, but the left screen loops. Pay attention to the
"handshake" that the cloaked people repeat, it'll come in handy

Chapter 3 - Breaking into a car.
"Did you ever hear the philosophy that once a man admits he's

s. s. s. w. w. (To the Paco's parking lot)
x honda. x shiny. (oh man!)
open car (nope!)
e. e. n. n. (Back to Paco's, to talk to the police.)
(They won't help, but then you can ask them if they're really cops and
hear a story.)
s. s. e. n. (inside Get Your Licks)
(Talking to the cashier here is a good idea. She can help you out with some
stuff, especially if you're nice to her.)
take hanger
s. w. w. w. (To the Honda again)
unlock honda with hanger
bend hanger
unlock honda with hanger
x body
take dagger. x it.
take fancy letter. x it. (Here are your instructions for entering the meeting.)

Chapter 4 - Infiltrating a Secret Meeting.
"Wait for The Wolf, who should be coming directly."

(After you discover the dead body's true identity, a series of shady dudes
will being walking from the alley to the vacant lot north of La Pizzá. You can
just stand around in the parking lot until one of them shows up.)
(Talk to the guy, point the gun at him, take his cloak, take his mask.)
x mask (Which animal did you get? It's random, did you know?)
take mask. wear it.
wear cloak.
(Now you need to get to the vacant lot, so head west, then north…)
x fire escape
x ladder
pull ladder
pull ladder with coat hanger
x waterfall
x cat statue
pet statue (or push statue, or turn statue, or scratch statue)
in. down.
look in window
e. e. admire abs. e.
(There are a few ways to mess with Wolf Head Guy if you're feeling
sadistic, but let's just get past this. When he raises his hand…)
raise hand
point dagger at guy
nod (good job!)

Chapter 5 - Escaping Said Meeting.
"You know what divine intervention is?"

(Check out the scenery and sample some hors d'oeuvres. Eventually
you'll be able to head east.)
x envelopes
x aquarium
x note
x table
x cashbox (need a key!)
take menus (and everything else, apparently)
take tiny key
unlock cashbox with tiny key. open it (HEY NOW!)
n. up. w. s.
(Not so fast! Luckily all you have to do is point the gun at him, and for
whatever reason he's down for the count.)
s. get mask.
(If you're wondering what's going on with those masked dudes, try
examining the pile of menus, the maps, the minutes, and the (incriminating!)
list. Keep examining the minutes for more random snippets.)

Chapter 6 - Finishing This Dang Game.
"I think we should be leaving now." "Yeah, that's probably a
good idea."

(You have a couple choices now. You could definitely just take your piles of
cash and go home…)
w. w. (to La Pizzá Parking)
in. drive away. yes.

(…Or you could help out that chick with the ice cream place. But that's
the "secret" ending.)

Chapter 7 - Secret Facts
"Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead."

So here's what happened: I decided that "Taco Fiction" would be a
great name for a text adventure. So I started writing it. I figured out what
would be going on in this game.

And then I thought "Man, the title 'Taco Fiction' sounds a lot
like the title of that famous movie 'Pulp Fiction.' I should watch
that movie before I release a game that sounds like it."

So then I watched the movie, and I thought that it was great. And then I
finished writing the game.