Damocles: Mercenary II (damocles_sol.txt)

Damocles - Solution

Firstly do as the president says and go to the room at the end of the
ccorridoron the second floor. Answer ok to the question, and go back down to the
basement. Get the key and return to your ship.

Fly to 09-02 capital city, and you'll find an elevator. Go to the basement
and pick up the antigrav. Return to your ship and fly to 12-14 capital city.
Pick up the A-Z computer. Switch it on (it will constantly tell you your

Fly to Key West and then to location 07-07. Enter the building and go down to
the basement, where you'll find another antigrav. Collect it and go to a
trading post. Sell one of the antigrav`s (the other one will allow you to pick
up spacecraft, cars, etc.). Go to Snow Island (location 03-00), where you should
collect the clipboard and the cupboard (which is actually a trigger for the

Go onto Bare Island (location 06-02). Be sure to take your ship into the
building with you. Drop the cupboard on the ground floor. There are teleporters
at marker 0-9. Go to 0, where the computer will inform you that you`re in the
professor's new house. You'll find a sideboard (another trigger) in
one of the rooms. Take it back to the teleporter on Bare Island and leave it

Go through the teleporters until the computer tells you that you are in the
Vesta PParliament Take the elevator to the top floor, where you`ll find a
briefcase, which will allow you to carry more objects. Return to the basement
and use teleporter 6. Leave the building and go back to your ship.

Fly to 05-06 and buy the Hi Fi (the next trigger). Leave the island and fly to
09-02, Ur city. Enter the building and go to the basement. Ignore the piano and
go around to the back of the elevator, where you'll find the novabomb.

Now fly back to 08-08, Chaldea metropolis (use the computer to find it). Take
the bomb and the triggers back to teleporter 1. Set all the triggers on. Use the
teleporter and go to Metis. On your arrival, the A-Z will tell you that you are
in Dooburys Solicitors. Don`t go to floor 8 or you`ll be sued and lose all your
money. Leave the building and head down the road on your left.

There's a court at the end of the road. Enter and walk straight across the
room and into the wall. The wall will open, revealing the final trigger.
Don't turn it on! Leave the court and fly into space. Land on DDamoclesand
drop the bomb. Leave Damocles and fly away (be careful not to take too long).
When you are far enough away from the comet, engage the last trigger, and
goodbye Damocles!