J'Dal (jdal_walkthrough.txt)

First, if you get stuck, try talking to people in the game using the tell and
ask commands:

ask (person) about (whatever you're having problems with)
tell (person) about (whatever you're having problems with)

If you're still stuck, use the in game hint system by typing

Lastly, check here.

This walkthrough will only be for the absolutely necessary puzzles, in
chronological order. Kind of.

In workers Area:
- x tools
- take peg (or pick axe)
- put peg (or pick axe)in chain
- ask roderick for mace
- hit peg with mace

You might also need to:
- throw rock at beart

In Huge cave:
- tell dad about beart
- throw sword at beart

- take off clothes
- enter pool
- down
- dive

- ask rod for rope
- tie rope to rock
- in hidden cavern, tie rope to rock as well
- go back to huge cave

In workers area:
- make sure you're carrying the sword
- throw rock
- go back to dad