Ashes of Empire (controls.txt)

Ashes of Empire

An overview of the basic controls to get you started

The function keys trigger different modes:
F1	Map
F2	3D mode (travel)
F3	Overview of nations
F4	Overview of teams
F5	Overview of supplies
F6	Current status of achieved and open goals
F7	Meet with people
F8	List of previous encounters
F9	Save game
F10	Load game

Action mode (the respective icon will be green if available):
1	Mount/dismount vehicle
2	Auto pilot
3	Enter building
4	Call for reincorcements
5	Radio for new supplies
6	Call for new vehicle
7	Call for airlift
8	Call for fire truck
9	Aim missiles
0	Aim gun
-	Use pass (lets you pass unharmed for some time)
=	Switch radar

Vehicle control:
Joystick left/right		yaw
Joystick up/down		pitch (aircrafts, submarines and diver)
Joystick fire button	fire weapon or (when you're on foot) trigger jamming
Cursor left/right		velocity
Cursor up/down			rise/dive (submarine & some aircraft types)

In map mode, select the road icon, then place the cursor on your desired
waypoint and use the space bar to mark it. This way, you can plan your desired
route in detailed steps. The 1 to 5 keys zoom the map in and out.