Escape from Summerland (efs_walkthru.txt)

Walkthrough For Escape From Summerland

Before using the walkthrough, remember that for the bulk of the game each
character's perspective acts as a hint for all the other characters, so
often you might find it useful switching characters when you're stuck.

The following hints are in order of helpfulness, so you can put a piece of paper
up to the screen and only lower it as far as you need.


I need to save the man in the caravan

- Try entering the caravan
- Have you looked at the man there?

Jacqotte is stuck in her cage

- She wants to play with the shiny thing
- She needs to get the shiny thing
- She can't reach on your own.

- Get the Shiny thing with the branch

The Monkey won't leave the Kennels

- Monkey is afraid of dark places at first
- As Robot go to Kennels
- Get arm
- Get bulb
- Now the light follows the robot, lighting rooms he's in and darkening
others. This only has an effect really on the lux counter and whether the monkey
will enter an unvisited room downstairs (all the rooms upstairs are lit just
- As robot then monkey, go to all downstairs rooms that the monkey wants to go

The Packing Crate is in the way of the lift

- The robot needs to push it out the way.
- The robot needs to find other arm first

- With both arms attached, push the crate out of the way

Getting the other robot arm

- The arm is on the far side of the tightrope walk
- The monkey can cross but needs its pole
- The pole is in the prop cupboard, which needs to be hit hard to open
- The ghost can be seen in the mirror of the cupboard
- When both the ghost and the robot are in Dressing Rooms, the name of the prop
cupboard changes to 'insurgent' and it turns up as a target instead of
- As robot, get branch
- Hit 'insurgent' with branch
- This opens the prop cupboard
- Inside there is a pole
- as monkey get pole
- go to top of tight rope pole
- walk north over the tightrope
- play with/take shiny thing- Jacquotte will bumble with it, dropping it to Big
Top West
- as robot, go to Big top west, get other arm

Getting the lift to work

- Inside the lift, the buttons can only be reached by the monkey when the monkey
is on the robot
- The monkey will only climb the robot after its been talked to by the ghost,
impressing the ghosts intentions on it
- When your the ghost, examining the buttons will tell you which ones you want
to press: green for door shut, red for door open, blue for up, yellow for down.
The lift will only move up or down if the doors are shut

- When the lift is moved up for the first time, it will shut half way through.
- The monkey can go up through the escape hatch
- As monkey go to control room
- As monkey play with fuse levers
- This restarts the lift, bringing the robot up to the service corridor.

Getting the control booth door open

- The control booth door (to the selkie aquarium) needs to open inwards, but
doesn't have a handle on the innerside.
- As robot, go to service corridor (first exiting the lift)
- Examine the rubble
- Get plunger
- go to control booth
- suck the door
- This will open the door inwards, jamming it open.

Getting the shutters open

- Shutters bar the way between the selkie aquarium and the fae menagerie
- They need to be cranked open
- There's a crank in the control booth for rotating the selkies in the
- As robot, get crank (as a component)
- Insert crank into slot in Selkie Aquarium
- Rotate, opening the shutters.

Getting the Wrought Iron Doors open

- push door open as robot
- Robot breaks down in doorway, loses the last of its battery, and an emergency
signalling switch blinks on
- Pushing the button will rescue the robot
- climbing over the robot will not rescue the robot
- Once either action is completed, the monkey is free

Ending the game

- As Amadan, head out of Summerland.
- Make your choice of direction when your by the hedge