Black Thorne (Blackthorne_manual.pdf.7z)

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Herr M.:
I felt something similar while giving this one here a try, ecxcept in my case it was Prince of Persia, which I liked (and therefore played) a lot.
I had an issue with this game, and exactly because of its striking resemblance to Flashback. I couldn't enjoy it to the fullness as i would feel i'm playing a kind of cheap knockoff of Flashback, although it didn't quite look cheap, but... ugh.. it just wasn't original anymore. Then again, i can't say i loved Flashback, but at least it was one of a kind.
Herr M.:
Re Czech translation: Incredibly cool thing! :) How did you do this? Byte by byte with a hex editor?
dude.. monster???? this game was masterfull in its time. beeyatch
Ahhh Blizzard, how far have you come since this monster?