Fascination (fascination_solution.txt)

Well, here it is, the solve for Fascination.  And this game was quite tricky
in certain parts, so follow the instructions EXACTLY as they appear.

Whenever you come across a phone number, birthdate, a phone number, or a
number of any kind, write it down and write what it is next to it.  There
are MANY times in the gme where you will need this information.  And the 
writers of Fascination were very tricky, this information often changes from
game to game.  Whenever possible, I wrote down the information needed at a 
later date, if it was such that it remained constant from game to game.

For reference, when I say TAKE an item, I mean "click the right mouse
button on the item" and click it again to place the item in your inventory
list.  To remove something from your inventory list, click the right mouse
buttom to call up your inventory and go touch that item to the item you wish
to use it with.  OK, here we go.

You have to watch this long and annoying demo, to abort it, press ESC.

You start in a hotel room with a briefcase on the bed.

Click the left mouse button on the drawer by the door and open the drawer.

Click on the adapter in the drawer.  Your mouse turns into an adapter.

Put the adapter in the socket in the wall to the right of the refrigerator.

Go to the set of books by the door called "Directory".  Click on
and  write down the phone number to Quantum UNLTD Lab.  Do NOT lose this.
The number is 734-0825.  This is also a constant.

Click on the door that says "To Lobby".  The game won't let you
leave the 
room, and says "I'm not going until I find the vial in the

When you click on the door 3 TIMES in a row, you suddenly remember the
combination: A A R G H  (this is constant and does NOT change in the game).

Now click on the briefcase and enter A A R G H

Take the toothbrush from the briefcase and change the volt setting from
220 volts to 110 volts.

Click on the plug for the toothbrush (your mouse is now the plug).

Plug in the toothbush to the adapter in the wall that you found in the drawer.

Torn the toothbrush to "ON".

Click on the blue thing inside the toothbrush.

Click on the right mouse button and a vial is now in your inventory.

Go to the bathroom and take a shower.  Click the mouse to stop showering.

Unplug the toothbrush from the adapter.

Unplug the adapter from the socket, and the adapter is automatically put back
in the drawer.

Plug in the refrigerator cable.

Take the water jug off the table and pour it into the empty ice cube containers
in the freezer.

Close the refrigerastor.

Use the telephone on the glass coffee table and call Quantum Labs using the
phone number you wrote down from the directory.


Click on the orange magazine where it says Newspapers.  Click the right mouse
button to place the newspapers in your inventory.

Click the newspaper remaining on the table a 2nd time.

Click the book to turn the pages until you turn the pages 3 times.  On the
third page, a corner is torn.

Click on this torn corner and write down this 3 digit number.  This changes
each time, so you're going to have to remember it.  These 3 numbers are the
first 3 numbers to LouDale's private phone.  Th number is USUALLY 674.

Click on the green directory which was under the magazine.  Write down
Jeffery Miller's personal line - this number changes EVERY time you play
the game.  You MUST remember this number for later use.

Click on the ashtray, and click the token in the ashtray.  Put the token 
in you inventory to make a call later.

Add the keyring to your inventory, this is on the table next to the bouquet
of flowers.

Use the keyring from your inventory on the receptionist.  She will give you
a key, take it and put it in your inventory.


Use the phone on the glass table to call Jeffery Miller, the President of
Quantum UNLTD, on his private line (the number you just wrote down from
the green directory in the lobby.

Mr.Miller gives you an entry code for later use.  It is 1 letter and 4 
numbers.  It changes each time as well, so write this code down.

Open the refrigerator and hide the vial from your inventory in the ice
cube tray.

Take a bottle from the refrigerator, and pour it in the empty glass on top
of the refrigerator.  Drink this.

Try to go to the lobby, and your phone will ring.  Listen to this conversation
CLOSELY, then leave the room.


Take the hat from the post and put it on the girl's head that is not
a shirt.

Talk to Prisca (the girl you gave the hat to).

Take the flashlight (called a lamp) and add it to your inventory.

Click on Sharon and choose coffee when she offers you a drink.  Click on
the sugar and put a cube of sugar in your inventory for later use.

Flip the switch on the post where the hat used to be.  The lights in the
pool turn on.  Take the pendant from the pool.

Go to the booth and use the pool key on the keyhole.

Use your token on the battery compartment and take the battery out.  Use the
battery with your flashlite so you now have an operational flashlite (lamp).

Go back to the pool.

Go to Q.U.L.


Click on the telephone booth and use the token in the slot.  Call the
Presiden't private line again.

Write down the secret code number that Miller gives you - it changes each 
time.  You MUST remember this.

Go to Q.U.L. Reception and type in the passcode you got from Miller the
FIRST time.

A watchdog jumps over the counter as you reach for the key on the keyring.
QUICKLY, as the watchdog comes over the counter, take the sugar cube from
your inventory and give it to the watchdog.  If you do not do this fast
enough, the dog will leave.

Now you can take the key QUICKLY and put it in your inventory.

Go back to the street and go to the parking lot.


Use storeroom key on keyhole of storeroom (right side of screen).

Take your flashlite (referred here on out as lamp) and use it on the 

With your flashlite on, go all the way to the right in the middle of the
storeroom and touch the hook.

Close the storeroom door.

Click on the pocket of the suit and take the keys for the cleaning lady's

Use the carkeys on the keyhole of the red car next to Jon's head.

Talk to Jon.

Kick the car tire and the door will open.

Click on the entry code above Jon's head.

Put the keycard in the digi code.

Punch in the 3 digit code number Miller gave you the second time you called.


Click on spring, which is just below the Manual.

Click on cable, and a second compartment appears.

Put the dictaphone on the cable.

Click the lapel localed on the man's chest.

Click the silk hankerchief located on the man's chest and place it on
the table.

Click the silk hankerchief again to open it.  A microcassette is exposed.

Take the microcassette and add it to your inventory.

Turn the lamp on with the on/off switch located on the nipple of the left
breast.  Now watch your fingers!

Put the microcassette in the dictaphone.

Listen to the conversation and write down what is important.

Go to the Lingerie Store.


Talk to Miss Taylor.

Take the newspaper off the table.

Go in the farthest booth to the left.

Click on the paper and read the article.

Go into the middle booth.

Add the shoes from the shoebox to your inventory.

Go to the next booth.  SAVE YOUR GAME NOW!

Go to the private door.  Follow these directions EXACTLY or you will die.

Click on the private door ONCE to open it a little bit.

Clcik on the bell on the top of the door (make sure you click the bell).

OK, you disabled the alarm.  Open the door the rest of the way and go in
the room.

Click on all posters so they roll up.

Click your mouse button on the genitals of the male on the poster on the
bottom left.  This raises the last poster.

Take the padlock key from the wall and add it to your inventory.

Take the magnetic label.

Move all the packages to expose the safe.

Use the padlock key on the Padlock.

Use the shoe from your inventory on the bar of the safe to unjam the bar.

Use the label on the safe to expose the combination code.

Click on the combination lock, then put D in the for the first letter.
Repeat this procedure putting O in for the second letter, and C in for the
third, thus spelling DOC.  Pretty tricky, huh?


Grab the instruments by the phone and take the scapel for your inventory.

Go to the surgeon's coat and click on the pocket.

Take the mask from the pocket.

Click on the pocket again and take the key.

Use the closet key on the keyhole.

Take the documents and grab the photos.

Click on the jar.  Use the shoe to break the jar and take the vials.

Click on the answering machine and press rewind.

Play the messages and listen closely to them.  Press rewind again, then
press erase to erase the messages.

Go To The Hotel.


Pick up the newspapers and put them in your inventory.

Click on Isalinda and listen to what she says.

Go to your room.

Your room has been ransacked.  Look around thoroughly.

Look in the ice tray for the vial you hid there.

Look in the empty glass on the table for the vial.  Take the vial.

Get the lapel pin from the floor next to the table.

Take the box of chocolates from the table.

Talk to Rob, the man lying on the bed.

Use the phone and call 0 for the operator.

Go To The Lobby.


Click on Fa, then read the cat's name tag.

Talk to the man in the wheelchair.  Use this sequence to answer his
questions: 2,2,2,1,2,1

Take the scrap of paper on the floor.  Write down this 4 digit number.  It
is the last 4 digits to the phone number you found in the porno mgazine
earlier.  This changes so write it down.

Talk to Isalinda again.

Go back to your room and call LouDale by putting the 3 numbers from the torn
corner with the 4 digit number you just got.  Write down what he says.

Go to the Photo Studio.


Click on the automobile.  Look at the package and the lapel bin, which 
is the Blue Red Club Lapel.

Take the 10 dollars from the windshield, and put it in your inventory.

Go to the service door.

Click on the wastebin and take the newspaper.

Use Photo on Slot.

Use scapel on keyhole.

Click on slot and go inside.


Open all cupboards before you click on ANYTHING.

Take glass from upper left hand cupboard.  It will drop safely into the

Take bleach from behind the glass.

Take ammonia.

Take cloth.

Take lye.

Click basin to place the basin on the counter.

Put your mask on.

Turn the faucet on.

Use cloth on water, and put WET cloth back in your inventory.

Turn the faucet off.


Place bleach in basin.

Place ammonia in basin.

Place lye in basin.

Click "open" twice on the door to your right.

Place basin in window.

Take your wet cloth and put it in the "slot" on the service hatch.

If you are successful, you will exit the room automatically.


Take the newspaper near the debris.

Give Edwardo 10 dollars.

Give Edwardo Label Pin.  He will let you pass.

Answer the questions with the following answers: 2,2,1,2,1

Give chocalate to Miller.

Look at tatoo on dead man's buttocks.

Look at Eva Pendant.

Use Adam pendant from your inventory on the Eva Pendant.  Watch Adam and
Eve make love.

Look at the man's hand.

Take the ring off his hand and keep it.

Leave room.


Talk to the parrot.

Take the cigar from the parrot.

Put the cigar in the statue's mouth.

Take landing Net from the floor.

Push the switch at the base of the fish tank to turn the light on.

Take the Shellfish from the tank.  Do NOT click on the shellfish again or
it will bite your finger, giving your mouse a bloody bandage appearance. If
this happens, you cannot do things later and will be unable to finish the game.

Take the Plankton and use that on the Shellfish to feed the shellfish.

Use landing net to get the pearl.  Keep this in your inventory.

Take the eye patch off the statue.

Put the pearl in the statue's eye, and a lazer beam will shoot across the

Click on panel in oriface on right side of room.

Use stamp on panel to open a door.


Answer the following questions with these responses: 1,2,1,2,1

Open the waste bin.

Take syringe out of waste bin.

Use syringe on formalin.

Take shaving cream from right side of cabinet.

Push mechanism on green tile on left side of bathroom.

Pick up spray container.

Put formalin in spray container.

Go to the Inspector.

Use spray on Inspector.

Go to the lounge.


Pick up the newspaper.

Go to the painting: Nudity's Dream.

Push the trigger on the painting.

Click lamp onto microscope and write down the EXACT letter combination of
B A D G E that you see.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  From game to game, this pattern
of B A D G E changes to include + keys which represent sharps on the piano.
It is IMPERATIVE that you remember where + keys are, if present at all, as
they change each game and you will need this information to get past the
piano in a few minutes.

Click Signet Ring to microscope and write down Kenneth Miller's birthdate.
This also changes from game to game.

Turn Zodiac on with button on lower right hand corner.

OK, here's the complicated part.  LISTEN CLOSELY:

After you turn the Zodiac on, you can click on the organ and piano keys
enlarge in front of you.  First, I'm going to tell you the general 
information, and then I'll walk you through it.

You need to play B A D G E on the piano keys while the Zodiac is set
for 2:00, which is the Roman Number 2.  This doesn't work the first time,
and the sequence must be repeated over and over for about 10 minutes.
A secret door will finally open when you do this enough times.  Do not
give up, it literally takes 10-15 minutes before it will work.

OK, piano keys are the following from left to right:

White Keys: C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C

Black KEYS: C+ D+ F+ G+ A+

Ok, if your B A D G E has NO + keys in it, use the following sequence:
B - 2nd white key from the right
A - 3rd white key from the right
D - 2nd white key from left
G - 4th white key from right
E - 3rd white key from left

If you B A D G E looks like this: B A D+ G E  Use this sequence:
B - 2nd white key from the right
A - 3rd white key from the right
D - 2nd Black Key from the Left
G - 4th right key from right
E - 3rd white key from left

If your B A D G E looks like this: B A D G+ E  Use this sequence:
B - 2nd white key from the right
A - 3rd white key from the right
D - 2nd white key from the left
G - 2nd back key from the right
E - 3rd white key from the left

OK, this covers all of the possiblities.  Remember, this will not work 
the first time.  Keep doing this over and over until the secret door 

Go into the secret room.


Take the lighter from the prisoner's pocket.

Look at the prisoner's hand and put the ring from your inventory on his

Put your newspapers from your inventory on the table.  You should have 
6 NEWS, but this will work if you lost a few along the way.

Use the lighter you just got on the 6 NEWS on the table.  This will start
a fire and set the smoke alarm off.  The cell opens and you leave.  Thats
it, you win, no more game, extremely pathetic ending.