IronSeed (easter.txt)

These are all the easter eggs in the game. 

Easter Egg 1 
Start a new game. While selecting ship or crew member click the the red button
below the ship or the crew's bio rhythm. It will turn green. 

With the button now green press shift-F1. This will bring up a screen showing
all possible crew choices and their starting stats. The list is unsorted and
ungrouped. The stats are MEN/PHY/EMO (mental, physical, emotional). 

Easter Egg 2 
Press alt-1 on the main screen. You will see the portraits of the game authors.

Easter Egg 3 
Press control-F10 on the main screen. This will bring up a simple juke box which
allows you to change the default music 

Easter Egg 4 
Press control-END on the main screen. This will bring up a cheat screen. It
allows repairs and refueling of your ship. 

Easter Egg 5 
On the main screen press escape and click the the status lights on the right
edge of the screen in this order: 
Make sure you press escape before each click. 

This willl bring up a cheat screen. It allows you to add a dirk, a reflective
hull, an unknown component or an unknown material to your cargo. It will only
add an item to your cargo only if you don't already have one yet. 

hint: Installed weapons and shields don't count as cargo. 
hint: What an unknown component or material is can be determined by clicking on
it in disassembly mode in the creation screen.