Solstice (solsusa.7z)

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I've played little to airball, but they are somewhat similar. It would be nice a review of games like this one, it's one of the best I've seen on a while

Visually this reminds me of Airball, see


Then I may be thinking on the spectrum. I think it comes from the videogames magazines I read as a kid, with all these photos of games I would never play, and that for that looked so attractive.

Nowadays I no longer have that feeling, not only because most newer games look so generic, but maybe because the old ones are usually easy to find.

Mr Creosote:
For some reason games like this one make me think on the Commodore 64. Isometric platform games, with exploration, puzzles and weird palettes do that on me.

I think the platform which has most of these games (and also the weird colour palettes changing per room) is the Spectrum :)