Prince of Persia (PrinceOfPersia_Manual.7z)

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My mom, dad and I played this for years when i was a kid. I only beat it a couple of times. They never did. I love those memories.
Mr Creosote:
I've never played it, either. Just sprang into my mind when I read the thing about realistic swordfighting, as I remember the reviews at the time being quite enthusiastic in this respect.
Never really played it nor remember the name, but just watched a bit of it on youtube. Well, what can i say... the physics there seem to suffer somewhat. Surely, POP fight scenes only looked good for its own time, but that one... can't say it's any different from many other ones i've seen whose names i never properly register :)
Mr Creosote:
Regarding realistic sword combat in computer games, what do you think of Die by the Sword?