Black Thorne (bthorn_hints.txt)

Black Thorne

Here are a few things that might help you survive longer in the wonderful but
deadly world of Blackthorne.

1. Heal Potions - do not use them until you are left with one or two
'arrows' health. Otherwise you end up wasting them. But always enter a
big fight with enough health.

2. The purple monsters are the ones that give you the Remote Wasps. If a level
has Remote Wasps you can bet that there's something you need them for -
don't waste them.

3. To kill the monsters with the shotguns, wait for the small pause they make
after shooting and before hiding or wait until they start walking towards you.
Later on when they become too fast for you, there's a trick - they will
hide when they see you, run quickly past them (to the next screen), come back
and shoot them in the back. Repeat until dead.

4. Don't worry if you accidentally kill a good guy. If they had something
to give you, it'll drop to the ground. But don't use them for target

5. In the Forest levels where you get a lot of Fire Bombs, don't save them.
Use them to clear the green plants, otherwise you'll end up finishing the
level with more unused bombs than health. You don't need them for anything

6. If a bridge looks too long to jump it probably is. Look for the key or you
may find yourself very dead on the bottom.

7. The bad guys with the handguns (that look like the good ones) are very easy
to kill - hide, than immediately after they shoot 1 or 2 shots start firing.
Timing is everything.

8. The Stone Beasts are the easiest things to kill for they have no ranged
attack and cannot harm you if you're hiding. Just wait for them to stop
rolling and shoot. To know which stones are beasts - they have brighter base
than the 'normal' stones.

9. Beware of floorplates for you can never be sure if they open a door, activate
a gun or both. The key is to go over them rolling so if there's a gun
it'll miss you.

10. Don't forget that once you get the automatic weapon you can shoot
non-stop backwards - just hold down the button (D).

11. To kill Sarlac (final boss) - moving is the key here. If you move while he
is coming towards you he can't hurt you. A good idea is to roll all the
time because you cannot run with your weapon out. He also has a health meter
just like you - at the bottom right.