Sim Copter (SimCopter_Manual.7z)

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Mr Creosote:

Me and my brother built our home town in SC2000. It was a small one, but with fairly distinct areas. I flew around that for hours and hours, helping people in so many different ways.

But of course, it is as I said: Getting over the initial shock of the graphics is not so easy.

Herr M.:

A game for which I had the highest expectations… just to be (undeservedly) let down by it.

The idea of driving around in a SimCity was something I fantasized a lot about with a cousin of mine back in the golden age of SimCity 2000. So I was kind of excited to hear about a game that would make this wish come true. Too bad I never got a hold of a copy of it. Whether by strange coincidence or because it was kind of rare, I never saw this game anywhere except for in magazines and by hearsay. I even convinced my parents to order it at a software retailer (from which we had ordered a lot of stuff back then), but I never heard of that order again (my guess is that said merchant must have filed bankruptcy).

It wasn't until the rise of the Internet, somewhen around 200X, that I eventually got to play it, and by then the hype had definitely died down and the game just looked awful. Flying around in one of my favourite cities was not anyhwere near as cool as I thought it would be and the buildings simply looked horrible. I could not even recognize the city, except for some minor details (overly relying on arcologies took a lot from it too I guess). In the end I did not even bother to give it a serious try, probably because it looked slightly buggy to me. I have to admit though that that driving game (SimCar?) seemed a lot worse (angular roads!?).