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Posted at 03:39 on August 28th, 2022 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Reborn Gumby
Posts: 10572
The thought sort of appeals to me, and I considered buying a Pi 400 model for it. But then, I rejected the notion again as purely gimmicky. I can emulate anything I like already on my regular laptop or desktop. I already have a Pi 4 connected to my TV, acting as media centre mainly, but I could run games on it as well. Having a machine purely as a dedicated emulation driver… don't know, it feels limited and limiting.
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Posted at 00:57 on August 28th, 2022 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Baby Gumby
Posts: 5
Hello, since I've been playing games from old 8-bit Atari 2600s to PC Windows 10 - as well as keeping most of them in my collection. I was wondering if you guys use RetroPie for the Linux PC or for the Raspberry Pi? I did try out on using the NESPi+ for my Pi 3B+ and it had looked cool like it mimics the original NES console.

The problem is that RetroArch as well as Modern LCD TVs have latency problems - especially when using BlueTooth controllers, which is a pain in the neck. I also had to buy the Sinden Lightgun in order to play some classic old Light Gun games like Area 51, Time Crisis and Duck Hunt.
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