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Transport Tycoon (1994)

Posted at 12:00 on June 29th, 2003 | Quote | Edit | Delete
The game begins with the founding of your company. You choose a fitting portrait, the company colour and of course the name. Then it immediately starts with your first funds. Similar to Sid Meier's Railroad Tycoon, in which you could build tracks for your trains. In Transport Tycoon, you're not limited to railroad tracks for your iron horses. On the random map which is full of cities and factories, you can build a depot and bus stops, to transport citizens to the next town, for example. Alternatively, you can create a system of railway tracks through all cities with which you can not only transport people, but also goods like mail. For example, you can build a station near a forest and another next to a sawmill. Connect the stations and you can transport raw logs to the mill, which can be very profitable. In addition, you can conquer the skies with your planes or and waves of the sea with your boats. Either you're just transporting passengers, or you buy fitting vehicles for other goods. That decision is up tot he player.

Posted at 15:42 on September 11th, 2017 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Baby Gumby
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One of the best business simulations of the 90s. Mange, decide, achieve! Build up your own empire of different means of transport and bring prosperity to the different cities.

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