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Darklands (1992)

Posted at 12:00 on July 16th, 2005 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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Darklands is partially an historic game, but also partially a fantasy game based on the medieval myths of the christianism, of witches and of goblins. With your party of four adventurers you go around the 15th century german empire in search of fame. You will travel around the country, being asked for tasks or asking for them in cities, scorting pilgrims, freeing villages from the pillages of raubritters (robber knights), getting rid of paganic dangers and goblins or even, if you want bigger tasks, looking for the places the sabbats are celebrated and giving an end to them.

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A beautiful game that has always been one of my favorites. The historical setting with mythological implications taken seriously is something that is sorely lacking in both games and fiction. Who needs elves and orcs when we have a wealth of medieval and ancient legend to draw from? Imagine a 15th century Germany where every provincial old wife's tale and myth is real. You got this game's setting! You can fight dragons, break into witches black masses, pray to certain saints so that you can walk over water or heal mortal wounds, learn the alchemical secrets of the philosopher's stone, and more.

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