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King's Bounty (1990)

Posted at 12:00 on June 1st, 2006 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Retired Gumby
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Until this day, King's Bounty remains one of my favorite games. Offering rather limited gameplay but enormous replay value, the game has never left my hard drive, ever since I have gotten it in the 1980s. In King's Bounty, you play a hero with the task to find the stolen Scepter of Order. A band of criminals has hidden this item and divided the map pointing to its location among them. Only by defeating all the criminals, you will be able to piece together the map and find the scepter, hopefully before it is too late and the kingdom disintegrates.

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Posted at 22:21 on September 7th, 2011 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Baby Gumby
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Does anyone have access to the "codes" (Page 36, line 6, word 5 = )? Thanks.
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