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Ultima VIII (1994)

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Bachelor Gumby
Posts: 78
Ultima VIII - Pagan. The Guardian has banished the Avatar to Pagan, a world he controls. Now it is up to you (aka the Avatar) to make it back to your own world. You find yourself near the town Tenebrae which is ruled by Mordea - who is leading something best described as a terror regime. Among other things it's one of your goals to defeat her.

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Retired Gumby
Posts: 970
Pagan, the guardian's throne world, from where he is the unquestioned sovereign of countless world, the place where he prepares his conquests through wits and deceit. And it ends on this, a dying world with a confusing relation to the guardian.

I always loved how you can get anywhere jumping and running, and that it still has many places to explore, even though the catacombs are a bit oppresive and take a big part of the game. But the game lacks, more if you read what they wanted to add to the game, and that is why I left it after reviewing the others.
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