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Monopolize (1984)

Posted at 17:12 on August 9th, 2010 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Bachelor Gumby
Posts: 78
Monopoly... Monopoly... what was that again? Ah come on - you KNOW what Monopoly is! It's the pure capitalistic board game where you buy streets, railroad stations and similar and build houses and hotels charging your fellow players money if they dare to cross your streets. Sounds a bit... strange explaining it like that, but basically that is how Monopoly works. The players roll the dice and the street (or building) they land on can be bought if noone else owns it - if the latter is the case... it is indeed as I said before: You have to pay for setting your foot on it. If you own the street you land on you can build a house there - or a hotel if there are already four houses present. If you land on a railroadstation or the electric or water works you cannot build anything there. That's the rules in a nutshell.

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