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Hammer of the Gods (1995)

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Reborn Gumby
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After remaking Merchant Prince, a company called Holistic Design thought "why can't we reuse all this work into actually creating a new game". One where middle ages Vikings would take the place of renaissance Venecia.

Now you see the violence inherent in the system!
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Pupil Gumby
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One of the best and most original turn-based strategy games ever made, Holistic Design's Hammer of the Gods is an addictive empire-building game set in the world of Norse mythology. Despite it being based on the improved version of the engine used in Holistic's earlier cult classic Machiavelli the Prince (originally published by QQP as Merchant Prince), Hammer of the Gods nevertheless remains relatively unknown. We may never know why the game disappeared so quickly from store shelves (weak marketing campaign and deluge of great games during that year (1995) being plausible culprits). One thing is for sure, though: Hammer of the Gods is one of the most underrated strategy games you won't want to miss.

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