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Looking for old DOS Game

Posted at 20:38 on January 7th, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Hello Everybody!

I´m looking for one of my favorite games from my childhood.
Its a game that plays in space i think on a kind of space station, its 2D and a Sidescroller, you play an astronouth and to open some of the doors there you have to solve number puzzles.
I think there was a kind of shield you could activate to prevent dmg, and on some part of the space station there was a kind of poison that dealt steady dmg to your hero.
I think there were some kind of weapons you could switch between with the number keys.
badly thats all i can remember, would be really cool if somebody knows the name of this game

what was very significant were these number puzzles that you had to solve to open some doors, the looked like
| 45 65 12 87 01 45 21 88 ?? |
and you had to solve the last number, just an example for this

Games that are NOT the ones I look for are:
Abuse; super solvers: outnumbered; math rescue; Captain Comic I & II Duke Nukem II; Electro Man; Gateworld; Phylox; Sinaria; Space Quest I; Space Chase; Out of This World; The dig; Wreckers; Starflight; Starquest 21st; Alien Carnage; Math Blaster; Rick Dangerous; Lezac; tryian; Abandoned; Defender; Kernel Exeption; Elite; Flashback; Frontier; Space Station Oblivion; Solar Winds the escape; Rama; Cyborg Hunter; Kult; Black Stone; Zack Mackracken; Turrican; Xain Sleena; Contra; Alien Breed; Supernova; Out there Somewhere; Commander Keen; Another World; Cannon Fodder; Crusader no Remorse: Astrocold; Cybermercs; s.c.a.t.; Space channel; Lightspeed; Dream Warrior;
Here is a Picture of what I remember the game looked like, please keep in mind that my memory of this is 20 years old and I was 6yo back then ;)
Posted at 10:37 on January 12th, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Retired Gumby
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I tried searching for your game, but it seems really hard to find. Do you remember any other details? Like what system did it run on? PC, Amiga or C64? Did it have colors? Sound? And approximately when did you play? 80ies? 90ies?
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Posted at 12:10 on January 12th, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
well i played it on a 386 or 486 on DOS, it has colours and sound, and i first played it at ca 1993.
Yes it is very hard to find, im searching for ages and still have no clue.
Thanks so far for searching.
Posted at 12:39 on January 12th, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Reborn Gumby
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Well, it does sound exactly like Math Rescue (or Word Rescue, of course), but you said that one isn't it. So if I were you, I'd look into the other Apogee games. They were all quite similar.
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Posted at 13:49 on January 12th, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Well yeah the Gameplay is familiar to Math rescue, but it was not that comic like, it looks just a bit like Abuse, but Abuse gameplay is way to fast comparing to my Game.

I Allready looked at all Apogee Software even at the cataloges the had in the old Game directorys sadly its not from Apogee.

Well the Number Puzzles where only at these doors, so it was not an Educational Game, the Puzzles where really complicated to solve, and the rest of the Game was just jumping and walking around this "space station thingy", collecting keys i think and... well never played it through, allways ended in this map where you get constant dmg.
Posted at 23:28 on January 29th, 2014 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Student Gumby
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It's probably a long shot but... is it Stryx?
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