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Digger (1983)

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Baby Gumby
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Digger was created by Windmill Software in 1983 and released as a copy-protected, bootable 5.25" floppy disk for the IBM PC. It was designed to work on an IBM XT/AT with a CGA adapter; it relies on the CPU for timing, so it will run too fast on newer PCs.

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Retired Gumby
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Cool, I wasn't aware that this game had such a cult following. :)

Never played it that much myself, but I still remember playing it for the first time like it was yesterday: Cool Popcorn-music (which didn't sound half bad considering the PC-Speaker) and a strange duck on wheels shooting its head at even stranger monsters.
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Heh, this was epic... but excruciatingly tedious at the same time, and i never spent too much time playing it, although it's an aknowledged classic and we should all bow to it :)
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