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Test Drive (1987)

Posted at 06:48 on June 27th, 2015 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Baby Gumby
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Test Drive is both a driving simulation and an action game rolled into one package. This is one the first games I played for the IBM/PC platform in 1987. By this point I already owned a Nintendo Entertainment System, so I had become accustomed to games with full color and a 4-channel soundtrack. Nevertheless the 3-D POV aspect coupled with the authentic attempt to simulate the subtle differences between each of the vehicles made this one a winner in my estimation. At the time I received this game, the unit my family owned was an Acer/Multitech 710 PC/XT clone, with a Samsung 12” amber monochrome display. This display adapter was an ATI graphics solution plus (CGA, MDA, Hercules, Plantronics) which did a great job of determining which mono mode to use, and in this case used CGA mono (which is way better than the unfortunate purple and blue pastel patterns that the CGA mode generates on a color monitor). The screenshots I have included display both mono CGA and EGA modes, respectively. Also, this game does not look very good in Hercules so I am thankful the graphics adapter had the good sense not to use this feature.

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Cool. I actually do have the floppy images of this one, but i'm not sure if they're good enough. I guess i should've just submitted them anyway... will do it later.
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