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Myst (1997)

Posted at 08:04 on February 22nd, 2017 | Quote | Edit | Delete
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The best selling game of all time… well, actually, I'm not sure this is true anymore, with the market having exploded since the mid-1990s. At least it used to be. One of the killer applications which didn't just sell itself, but also the CD-ROM drives necessary to run it. A game I held a huge grudge against for two decades. Because its huge commercial success killed the Adventure genre I loved. Now I replayed it again. Water under the bridge?

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Never really played it, though heard of it a lot of course and seen some of the screenshots a number of times. Was gonna play it recently, though didn't find a quick way to run the original game on OS later than XP. There is also a desktop edition which came out in 1998 i believe, but that one too doesn't run on 64-bit OS. I guess i will either have to try DOSBox with pre-installed Win 3.1 or VirtualBox with XP.
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