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Hypsys (1990)

Posted at 12:11 on September 2nd, 2020 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Dr Gumby
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In the future, imperial powers will dominate the solar system. The last war against the royal house of Goriok is still in the system of the warriors of the Hypsys Empire. Hungry for further battles and renewed bloodshed, the forces spend day after day in ever-increasing unrest. Before fire breaks out within their own ranks and the spectre of rebellion could weaken the Hypsys Empire, the high priest Yem-Sular decides to arrange an ancient primitive ritual. This bloodthirsty celebration will claim the deaths of thousands of the strongest warriors, but participation promises maximum honour for the winner: infinite wisdom and the secret of immortality. Only one warrior can stand the tests and the player gets the honour to take over his role and give it a try.

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