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Ripley's Believe It or Not! – The Riddle of Master Lu (1995)

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Reborn Gumby
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Among the point & click adventure games of the mid-1990s, Master Lu has become one of the most obscure ones. You'll be hard pressed to find records of its existence, let alone more current testimonials of any players from the time of its release or more recent experiences. All that in spite of having scored high marks all across the board when it was new. My personal experience with it wasn't all that far from that. I played it, but never very far. The very few, unspecific recollections I kept were all positive, so it became a bit of a mystery to myself why I never got further than the second major location. Is there anything to this game which makes it universally forgettable? Let's rediscover and test this hypothesis!

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Deceased Gumby
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I distinctly remember this game: It was about the time when I started losing interest in adventure games (especially the more cinematic ones). Saw it in several ads and maybe a solution or two, but never played it myself. In my memory it looked totally different, more like with classic hand-drawn VGA graphics and somehow more puzzle oriented (as in sliding thingies, word play and lever switching). And I always imagined that Master Lu was some kind of merchant with one of those weird Chinese shops in a back alley. Strange to finally see that the game was totally different.
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