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Strange Bug

Posted at 14:06 on March 16th, 2005 | Quote | Edit | Delete | Delete Attachment
Prof Gumby
Posts: 411
Occasionally, TGOD is displayed like this in firefox.(see screenshot)
Rather compressed. No idea what causes it.
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If it ain't broken, you're not trying hard enough.
Posted at 14:09 on March 16th, 2005 | Quote | Edit | Delete
Reborn Gumby
Posts: 8837
Yes, I've sometimes seen that happening, too. Just reload the page, and it's fine again. Must be a bug, because I've also seen similar phenomena on other sites.

I blame it on the outdated HTML style used on the site ;)

Edited by Mr Creosote at 22:10 on March, 16th 2005
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