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Company: Konami
Year: 1986
Genre: Sport
Theme: Individual Sports
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 13481
Review by std (2003-02-28)

Yeah, I know… I'd rather play normal tennis :) but for those without enough space or without the physical condition, the Ping Pong (table tennis) would do. And, to be sincere, table tennis is a pretty decent way to lose your evening.

Although you might have thought so, Ping-Pong has almost nothing in common with the classical and clone-master game of Pong, aside from a vague similarity between table tennis and simple pong. Ping-Pong is more than just a simple ballgame, it's pretty decent simulation of the table tennis.

And arguably, Ping-Pong is quite fun. After one ball you say “ah, just one more”, then one more, and one more and so on. The challenge on level 1 isn't really great. But with difficulty set to maximum, well then, there's a challenge to tighten your reflexes. And really, although Ping-Pong might lack a bit of the motivation you need for a long-night's game, but it certainly has the fun of one hour. And the computer opponent is very enjoyable and kind not to drive you to despair.

It's clear that the game was programmed for the pure pleasure of it… but there's only one problem :( … I haven't been able to trace up the multiplayer part of it. At first, I thought it was my CCS64 (I thought there was a separate .prg file to allow me multiplayer, and CSS64 had done me problems before – great tool still!), but neither have I been able to anything on my old C64. Which means that you've got a one-hour's company in Ping-Pong, but, because of the lack of multiplayer…nothing more than that. Which is quite a shame, because Ping-Pong would have been able to provide good moments of fun in multiplayer.

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