Math Rabbit
for PC (DOS)

Company: The Learning Company
Year: 1987
Genre: Puzzle
Theme: Educational
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 4660
Review by nobleEightfold (2019-08-08)

This is a solid educational math game from my childhood. Rather than being just a single game, the game includes multiple mini-games. The games are great fun for a child to play and are nice introductions to counting, addition and subtraction. There are some additional concepts introduced besides basic arithmetic such as musical tones and memory.

There are four available games to choose from:

Clown's Counting Games

A counting game which encourages the player to count. The game's board appears like a musical staff or piano roll, and the game will play a tune based on the numbers you count to.

Tightrope Game

The object of the game is to take boxes that have the number that match the shown number. Choose to keep the box you have, or to throw it away into the water underneath the tightrope. Win by keeping the boxes that match the shown number.

Circus Train Game

Move the rabbit along the track by performing addition or subtraction. Choose the correct answer to move the rabbit forward, and try to get enough right in a row to get your rabbit to the end and have the train leave with all the cars. Miss an answer and the will only be able to leave with the number of carts matching the number of correct answers.

Matching Game

A standard card matching/memory game. There are eight face-down cards on the board. Choose two cards at a time. Matched cards are removed from play until no cards remain. Match all the cards to finish a game and win a prize. Continue playing to win and collect more prizes.

There are multiple difficulty levels to choose from, 1 through 4.

The graphics are cute, and the sounds are simple with fun tunes playing whenever a game is completed.

The box says Ages 3-7, so this game probably won't appeal to most adults looking for a new DOS game to play, but I can't wait to show this to my 2-year-old.

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