Clean Sweep
for Vectrex

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Company: GCE
Year: 1982
Genre: Action
Theme: Abstract / Business
Language: English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 25195
Review by Johann67 (2002-08-21)

A Pacman clone with a twist or two.

You are a bank director and your bank has just been robbed. The robbers have blown up your safe and the money is now lying everywhere in the bank. You are collecting it, but the bankrobbers are trying to get you. And when they're history.

You will notice your vacuum cleaner increasing in size. Once it's full, it will have to be emptied at the center of the map. That's also the only place where the bandits can't enter.

There are four places where you can get a vacuum cleaner big enough to swallow the bandits. Those have a very short lifespan, however. Use them wisely.

As you finish level after level your vacuum cleaner will become smaller and smaller, so you'll have to return more often.

The game has music, sound effects, but only reasonable graphics.

It's fun to play though, especially in alternate mode, where the walls are invisible. Try getting through that!

(game included in the DVE package)

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