History Line 1914-1918
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Blue Byte
Year: 1992
Genre: Strategy
Theme: Board / Historical / Multiplayer / War
Language: Deutsch
Licence: Commercial
Views: 47354
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-04-08)

This was most likely supposed to be the start of a series of historical games based on the Battle Isle engine. At least the subheading "1914-1918" points to that. Because there were no sequels, History Line as a bridge between Battle Isle 1 and 2 was forgotten quickly. Wrongly as I think. After all it is still an independent (good) game because of its peculiarities.

The peculiarity of the engine is the fact that the game is supposed to be played with two people on one computer. That is done by a vertically split screen. Each player has his side where he can act. That would be useless if you nevertheless had to move one after another. Because of that the game is divided into movement and attack mode. The players are in different modes everytime. While one player is grouping his units and moves his reinforcements, the other one is giving attack orders and producing new material. In the ideal case (i.e. if both players need just the same time) there is no waste of time.

The units were designed according to the time and apart from ground units, which are in main focus, there are also planes and sometimes ships. Gradually, new war machines are invented. Both sides (Germany and France) have the same basic ones, but also individual, historically correct units.

You win one of the (fictional) battles either by destroying the enemy completely or by conquering his headquarters. Apart from this one, there are depots (to repair units) and factories (to produce) as buildings. It only happens seldomly that you conquer the headquarters, while the overall battle is still balanced or even bad for you.

An obviously weak point is the AI. The computer only relies on unplanned frontal attacks. This disadvantage should be compensated by mass superiority but that is only capable to result in an exciting beginning. When you have build up your defense and your units have gained some experience, it is only a question of time until the computer is defeated. It is at least an advance compared to Battle Isle that the computer not only uses streets. That proves that History Line is a two player game, again. If you have a human enemy, you can have very much fun even without a network here. Alone it is quite motivating but too easy.

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Bongert (2007-02-27):
Danke *wie ein kleines kind freu*
Bongert (2007-02-26):

Das spiel ist hamma ?
ich habs mal mit 6 sgespielt aber nichts verstanden
mit 10 hab ichs nochmal ausgepackt und nochmal versucht und gespielt bis ich umgefallen bin =)

leider hab ich es nichtmehr =(
wäre toll wenn es hier zum download stehen würde =)

Chris (2005-12-29):

"Der mit der dicken Artillerie is klar im Vorteil.."
wer dieses Spiel gespielt hat wei was Stellungskrieg bedeutet :-)