Mad TV
for PC (DOS)

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Company: Rainbow Arts
Year: 1991
Genre: Strategy
Theme: Business / Cartoon & Comic / Humour
Language: Deutsch, English
Licence: Commercial
Views: 49508
Review by Mr Creosote (2000-07-12)

This is one of the few german games which got much international attention. And it really deserved it. Basically, it's a pretty tipically german genre: a business sim. But in contrast to lame tries like Winzer this one is really fun! The reasons for this are simple.

The game's topic is maybe the most important reason. You're the manager of a local TV station. Almost everyone is interested in this. And because there are real film titles included it's twice as much fun! All these films you've really seen and it's only YOU who decides what to broadcast. Don't like a certain director? Don't get his film. Or even better: Buy it and then let it go mouldy in your dusty archive!

The designers don't force the player to read pages and pages of statistics. Still it's not primitive but to a certain degree complex. Maybe you won't notice that at once but once you get deeper into it, you surely will. And this is a very important point: The game is very easy to learn. You don't need boring tutorials but you can start playing immediately! Without success at first, but anyway.

Ok, while the game is very good in this aspect, some options are not that easy to figure out. These are the more complex actions that you only need in the later game like producing shows and playing nasty tricks to your opponents. But what are FAQs for anyway...

Another thing is that the game doesn't take itself too seriously. Well, some graphics are more silly than really funny. But at least some decent jokes are in there. Judge for yourself.

Umm... What else can be said about this? Real-time. Gets boring after some time because it's the same everytime again.

Enough said! Get it now!

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SventB (2006-06-08):

Browserspiele sind schon einige in der mache, unter anderem ein Flash-Spiel das recht vielversprechend aussieht (nicht von mir!) und mein Browserspiel das natuerlich noch viel besser ist :) Ich plane auch einen Multiplayermodus.
Link zum Browserspiel steht oben.

Chris (2005-12-29):

Noch kein Kommentar hier?
Meiner Meinung nach eines kurzweiligsten Spiele das jemals programmiert worden ist...
Ein ewiger Wunsch von mir: Eine Erweiterte Version mit Multiplayer...dafuer wuerd ich ueber Leichen gehen!!