for PC (DOS)

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Company: Empire Interactive
Year: 1994
Genre: Adventure
Theme: Horror
Language: English, Castellano, Deutsch
Licence: Commercial
Views: 22897
Review by Wandrell (2006-01-15)

Night after night it has been shown to you in dreams. The dreamweb is unbalancing. Seven evil people, parts of the its power incarnated, seek to use it for gaining control over the world. Eventually sending the planet to its doom.

Being the only one who can avoid this you prepare yourself and embark in a search for those who must die. It is a violent job and all your targets will end with their broken bodies covered with blood.

Blown off heads and dismembered bodies may be not a thing that will impress too much in pixelated images, but these were some of the first bloody and gory images of the videogames (along with one of the first explicit sex scenes), and the violence it contains is not dissolved by the graphics.

The short story, that develops in only one city even though the main character is looking to make a world impact; and the linearity do not avoid that story from being the best part of the game. The dying city's mood and the approaching end of the world, the murderer with mystical objectives that is the main character, and the seven evil people, with different personalities each; along with the onirical dreamweb that joins it all creates an absorbing plot.

One of its faults is in the interface. It is good, but not well used. Every room is filled with objects which you may take if you wish, but rarely serve for something more than creating confusion. You may even equip some of them, but this seems to have no true use, as happens with the sunglasses, which only change the look of the character's image that always is decorating one side of the screen.

But it also has an interesting point when using a network terminal. You give orders to the computer for getting the latest mail and headlines, examining cartridges and also passing the game's protection when introducing your personal password. It may look somewhat clumsy, but gives the impression of being really using the terminal.

A thing to be noted before playing. Good part of the background, along some information needed to finish the game, is in the “diary of a madman” which came with the game. Perhaps a bad point, as it divides the story into two different formats.

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