Gargoyle's Quest 2: The Demon Darkness
for NES

Alternate Titles: レッドアリーマーII (Red Reamer II)
Company: Capcom
Year: 1992
Genre: RPG, Action
Theme: Misc. Fantasy
Language: English, Japanese
Licence: Commercial
Views: 13694
Review by Wandrell (2009-09-23)

The ghoul realms is under attack again. Who is behind this? The same bad guy from the previous one. And that's not the only familiar thing here, taking a closer look this looks more like a remake. So come and try Gargoyle's Quest: Cheap Second Part.

Not that it is bad. It's better than the first one. Just that it's basically cut and paste, improving all a bit after it. But in general you will find the same things than in the first one. Same enemies, same places, same objects, even the same silly puzzle of finding the correct cave.

All with improved graphics, of course. It may look as little to some, but on the NES things look much better than in Gameboy. This also means that places are bigger, and with some tricks the older game couldn't have. Or that they didn't usually use on that console, because I don't think doors would be such a problem to add.

But among the improvements one is more noticeable than others, no more random attacks when wandering around the map, when advancing through the only possible way on the map I mean, don't think that having a world means you can explore it. Only getting a few little noticeable sidequests.

No random attacks doesn't mean they removed other RPG-like features, such as improving your wings, or getting those vials that serve just for buying lives. Also you still get special powers from enemies, the same ones of the first game, along one that creates platforms on the air.

So, yes, it's mostly the first one. Even the simplistic story (you are the chosen one. The bad guy will be killed by you) is the same. But ends being more enjoyable, it's like an improved version (or deluxe as they used to say) of the game. Luckily it doesn't reuse bosses or levels, so you can still play it if you finished the first one.

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