Biing! – Sex, Intrigen und Skalpelle
for PC (DOS)

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Company: reLINE Software
Year: 1995
Genre: Strategy
Theme: Business / Cartoon & Comic / Humour / Adult
Language: Deutsch
Licence: Commercial
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Review by themasterofall (2015-06-10)

Biing! is a nice, colourful and static hospital simulation. Generally, it is a kind of strategy game: will I first hire a dentist who brings in a lot of money, but also makes a lot of mistakes? Or do I send him on a course before I let him lose on the patients? Maybe rather a general practitioner and a neurologist? As strange as this sounds: the most important thing are busty nurses! ^_^ They have the most calming effect on patients, though they cost a little more.

The game has its very own dynamics. For example, there is little sense to establish a station right away, because there will be no patients to take care of there. This is already something I would like to criticise. It's best to look for what the competition is doing; what they have is usually safe to get as well.

Daily, you have to balance the rent and the wages. So you have to really think hard before getting an additional room or new staff. If you don't manage, it's game over (=next point to criticise). As a beginner, this happens all too quickly.

Apart from that, there are unbelievably numerous options to steer the game progress. For example, sending staff to trainings (this works for everyone, doctors, nurses, the cook (!), mechanics…).

Personally, I find the game badly balanced. Even using a hint book, it is very hard to manage to reach even just a spot in the lower third of the popularity ranking (which is important to get patients into the hospital). Some patients are just unhappy, no matter how large the nurses breast size is, what a high IQ the doctor has (meaning successful treatment) and even regardless of having a reLINE poster in the waiting room. What else can you do? Even lower prices for stationary treatment and home-cooked food were useless.

A very good thing: there is an assistent leading you through the game so that you can always keep good overview.

In spite of the sometimes high frustration level: recommended!

Translated by Mr Creosote

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Review by Kiomlrak (2011-11-13)

Eh???? What is this? Biing! is a completely whacky and erotic hospital management simulation, or to sum it up: something absolutely crazy.

So you are the head of a hospital (not the boss, that guy is just sitting in is armchair, smoking cigars) and it is your task to earn every day's rent for the location, because if you don't, you're bankcrupt immediately and you have to start over.

This involves nurses who have to strip in order to distract patients, doctors who no person in their right mind would consult and other professions like cooks, pathologists, surgeons, warehousemen (for the dirty work), ambulance drivers and thugs (to produce new patients).

The game is basically very simple, even for beginners, because the big boss tells you exactly what to do, just like the 'first aid kit' does later. Nevertheless, it is important to read the manual to get through the first few days, because every mistake you make in Biing! is one too many. If you hire incompetent staff, it will backfire soon enough and you should prepare for bankcruptcy.

Overall, Biing! is a game with very good graphics (not just because of the theme) and the sound is just as crazy as the game. It might be intended to drive the player out of his mind.

Biing! is a very time-consuming game. One day in-game takes about two hours real-time. This makes it especially frustrating if after a few days, the competitors' margins increase while your patients decrease. Even the humour wears out a bit after a few weeks and clicking around is not as movitating anymore.

+Atmosphere (graphics, eye for detail)
+Many different choices for the player
+The tasks change with the hospital's size increasing
+Ripping patients off

-Very hard for beginners
-A little shady imagery
-Becomes samey after a while

Translated by Mr Creosote

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